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  • Well, you can draw her something, maybe about something she likes? If you aren"t good and drawing, then you can maybe bake her cookies or other sweets. You don't really have to buy her anything; you can look up projects online and do them for your sister! I wish her a happy birthday! :)
    U don't have to buy it if u don't want to. If u do, then click 'Market' then click ' user title glow' I think that the name. It only costs 5 points
    Here r the steps:

    1) click 'settings'
    2) click 'edit profile'
    3) in the second box, there's an area that says 'custom user title' in the area box type whatever u want.
    4) save and it should appear under ur username.

    I hope that help.:)
    YupXD Do u know something, u can put a user title under ur username? Like I do, mine says 'Zelda Freak' and it glows green on the post
    Hey Link! Sorry about Saturday. I wasn't logged on to answer ur question and thanks for the friend invite from Saturday. How r u?
    You sent a friend request.

    I don't know you so I rejected it, but feel free to talk with me. :)
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