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  • Yeah, I know, I am. But the first thread I posted was something like this: "OMG Sages in WW Master Sword Chamber the same as OoT Sages!!!" :lol:
    Don't worry about it. You should've seen what I was like when I first joined. :xd:
    Nice. :D I know every little secret to TP. I could write a whole walkthrough just from memory! Random question: I just changed my profile stuff. What do you think?
    Same here. TP was my first Zelda. Well, actually, WW was, but I finished TP first. :P
    I started ALttP. The controls were odd and it kept giving me a headache. :P I'll probably give it another chance in the future, but not too soon... The original LoZ also gives me a headache. I've played it for a grand total of 10 minutes, and died over 8 times. Then I quit. :rolleyes:
    Well the firs time can be frustrating at first, but after awhile you find a pattern and it becomes fun.
    Yea, but that's what makes them so fun! np, I've completed the entire game %100, so I know a thing or two. Cool, just ask if you need it.
    Yea. Yea, like all Zelda dungeons, they come with challenges, if it weren't, the game would be too easy. ah yes, pack extra fairies and arrows. and ask me if you need help.
    I'm doing fine. lol wow, I haven't played that game in forever, I love the palace of winds though, it's a very....what's a good word to describe it? Challenging?
    Don't worry about it; I'm happy to help. You should see a little banner above the text box here. ^ It says "Customize my Profile." There, you can choose different colors for your profile, or paste a link to a pic you want for your background.
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