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  • Um, I hope I'm pretty good! :P Did you want one? If so, just let me know, and I'll have it done by Tuesday or Wednesday. (I'm on vacation right now, so I can't get it done until I get back.)
    Well all the video does is go "when you press these buttons it does the same thing as in the videos (and then proceeds to show you how it is fake)". Have you seen the videos? I've seen all 5 and when it flips from MM to OoT I was pretty pissed because it threw any chance of it being true out the window! And I have the collectors disk as well! Thats how I play OoT, MM, LoZ, and Link II. And to be honest all the fan made videos are creepeir than any of the originals. haha. But at the same time when I am not playing Zelda or ruling Hyrule I am a ghost hunter. So I do not frighten easily.
    Okay! :D Yeah, you really should try it, it ads a lot to the story in my opinion.
    No, but you know that after that you have beaten the normal quest you get the opportunity to start a second quest of the game on another file which contains some minor changes. One of the changes is that you now can understand what Valoo and Jabun are talking about. :D It's pretty neat!
    Yeah, I was really curious the first time I played, but when I played the second quest I could see what they said. It really was a cool thing with the ancient tongue in WW though! :)
    Nice! WW is great, it was the first Zelda game I owned! Since then I'v played it three times! :D
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