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  • Ok. Here's what you do,

    1. Copy the userbar
    2. Click Settings
    3. Click Edit Sig
    4. Click the Image button
    5. Paste the userbar between
    Ok. I'm glad you liked them. Maybe Soldier of Link can give you some advice on making userbars.
    Ok. Medli, I'm about to put them on my thread. Hope you like them and tell menif you need any change.
    I got Windwaker the day it came out back in 2003! Ah, to be 12 again... Oh, I noticed you and Komali were talking about BEN. The creator came out and admitted that it was just a scheme the whole time. Just a well thought out prank. The guy was pretty smart to come up with all of it though! But here is a video of someone recreating his in-game antics with glitches and codes...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lSOkZMbTUI

    One more thing, don't let this hinder you from playing and beating Majora's Mask :)
    Actually I haven't heard about there being any videos... but if there are videos, I would also have a feeling that they were like horribly scary. D:
    It was a very long time since I read about the story of Ben, could you please give me a link to a site were I can read it. :)
    My first game was Ocarina of Time! Way back in 1998! Then I got Majora's Mask Christmas of 2000 (it came out in October). I remember pre-ordering Wind Waker and getting it before I ever had my Gamecube! haha. I actually just went through and replayed it a few weeks back!
    Do you mean the one with MM? If you do, then yes I have. It's weird though...
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