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Heroine of Time
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  • Oh no no no no it's TOTALLY fine! I know I'm really gettin stressed out here as well. It's nearing the end of the year and its just work work work so it's okay. The Skype thing can wait I'm fine! I'm not like telling you to hurry or anything I just feel bad when I don't come on ZD for a while cause I don't wanna go dead again haha XD. But yeah I hope ya get the load off and take it easy, it's fine! But next time we talk, we should go over some neat Zelda topics and so on and stuff. Good luck! :)
    I am so proud of myself: We're doing Greek Mythology in English, and I was the only one who knew who Thanatos was. Thanks Kid Icarus.
    WOWZERS SORRY I don;t wanna go dead again. Sorry I've been like gone ha. Man I havent had time to do stuff on this forum. Homework like started piling. Anyways, I haven't been on Skype recently. Didja add me to the group? Whats the next step?
    Good job to you, LG and all the others that worked for it :)
    Thanks for the links, all updated :)
    Errr I dunno where the notification thing is. The screen that pops up whenever I sign in the the one that says "Profile Completness" and stuff. Are ya sure I'm on the right site?
    Thankss ^_^

    I do have my own personal skype account but not yet one for ZD, I'll get round to it tomorrow though :yes:
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