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Heroine of Time
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  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! IIIIIAM BAAACK! Hhahahaha oh my gods of Hyrule sorry I've been like gone fore like ever! I miss you guys too! I know it feels like years since we've last spoken. Umbreon's gone? We gotta steal him back from whatever forum he's moved to! Well, I promise to come back on more often cause we've gots some Zelda stuff to talk about. LIKE WW HD :D But yeah respond whenever you get this as well. Sorry I'm late and hope you can forgive meh. Let's reunite the triforce huh? Well did Umbry come back during this 3 month period? Oh and don't worry about the whole not responding to the last messages and stuff. :) Its my fault too cause I remember saying I'll be more active and online and stuff and I didn't. I'll be sure to check daily now. We should just play brawl or Uprising soon. Still got that busy schedule? Message me soon so I know I'm forgiven. I feel awful for like disappearing. You guys are really awesome pals to me too. And hey, when we get the chance, we gotta make a three way blog or something. That would be awesome. Oh yeah, and I couldn't help by noticing you thought Timeless was SpikySpike. Hahaha thats me!
    Sierra Winterbreeze X Michael Aloisio, AKA.... Michael.... Aloisio..... ._.
    I ship it.

    Like the Postal Service.
    Alright! I'll try my best. :) I checked you playing Fi's Theme with Harp btw, it sounds so amazing! :p Harp really is an amazing instrument haha. :p Where did you buy yours?:p
    Yeah i noticed! I subscribed to you aswell, and wow you play harp so beutiful. You had a lot of views too. o_O
    Hey! Just wanted to thank you for the post on my thread! It's really appreciated and it feels great to hear people like it! Also good with you're critizm. :)

    I will also try to learn some of the theme's you requested some time this week. :)
    Miiverse is more fun than it sounds :O

    XD Well, I can read the books in about a day each, if I wasn't bugged so much. But anyway, when you DO get Mark of Athena, I can say it's really REALLY good!

    Thanks for the late birthday wish :D
    I may… and me too. Although me and my friend are working on building our school in Minecraft, then making it into a Pvp map! do you php at all?

    EDIT: Found this awesome server: Ip is mc-sabotage.com
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