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    Solicitor Liverpool

    teeth whitening London
    Hiya, Dv! I haven't seen ya in a while. D=
    How've ya been???
    Happy birthday my friend :) Hope everything is flowing the right direcction in your life and that your day is an awesome one!
    Happy Birthday, DvSag! May you have another year of prosperity! Don't worry, one more year, as Ver-go stated, until, according to the United States government, you're a free man.
    Happy birthday DvSag!
    Call me Sten all you want. (even though you already do :P)
    :xd: I love your signature.
    *Says more things to fill out the 50 character limit*
    lol Sure. No, I'm not an English teacher. I'm just a guy with an appreciation for people who take the time to write correctly. :)

    (sorry it took so long to respond- I was away last week!)
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