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Dungeon killer
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  • o cool i was on my friends dsi the other day because i was at his house at 2:45 am you might have heard of him. pwamimdorf.
    hey!!! ... you... have... green... rep... bar... i am jealous. I'm trying to make mine green. but that will be hard considering i have -27 points.
    Thank you Dungeon Killer, I'll make sure to do that.
    Thanks again.
    Because I'm a natural asshole, you should know that very well by now.
    It's okay. I just wanted to make sure I knew what you wanted before I made you the wrong thing. :)
    Okay, I have a quick question regarding your request that you made in my graphics thread. When you say "picture" as the type, do you mean an avatar, a signature, or a desktop background?

    The reason why I'm asking is because that you didn't really specify which one of those is the one that you wanted in the post you made.
    Hah hah hah!
    Thanks to that horrible Hacker, I lost some of my best posts, but some of my bad ones too.
    As a matter of fact, I'm in it now. :D
    Don't worry DK, i'm sure you'll get that one rep point soon!

    I havent been posting much lately, there aren't any interesting topics to post on. :(
    And would be on 230, but I lost a ton of posts when the hacks happened.
    So you like Metroid? It's one of my favorite game series. :) Altough I own only 1 Metroid Game. :( That one being Metroid Prime on the Gamecube. I've recently beat it at hard mode. The last boss was tough.
    I also had the chance to play the original Metroid and Metroid Zero Mission.
    Warning: all who post me a vm that makes no sense will get reported to an admin!
    All threats will be taken seriously and no spam!
    Follow all rules and don't get in trouble, and don't get cocky and think your fly, because your probably not.

    The reason I'm putting this here is because someone has been spamming my received folder in private messaging I will not give the member's name for I have forgiven them and am taking precautions.

    This has been an anouncment of public notice any copy and pasting of this message is prohibited.

    I will now post this message 5 more times. After every 10 vm posts.

    Thank you
    ~Dungeon killer
    Really? You're back in Green! Yay! Soon you'll be able to see the ShoutBox again!
    Oh, and nothing much, I've been very depressed lately though...
    So, how have you been?
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