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Dungeon killer
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  • I'm here.... I'm still alive Dungeon Killer!...Congrats on becoming the Exitebike champ! Hooray!
    Fair enough but you dont need to be asking people to be your friend just for the sake of it. Be their friend, not just someone on their friends list.
    mmmhmm.... so why exactly is it your personal mission to be friends with every random person on ZD that you dont know, including me. Ill accept your friend request just tell me why do you want to be ma friend in the first place.
    How dare you friend request me?! lol

    Hi. Accepted, Dk.
    Hello!, welome to ZD, have fun and read the rules!!
    p.s. if you need anything, ask me or any other member! see ya around!
    Why don't ya send me a friend request! we can be friends!
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