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Dungeon killer
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  • Yeah, I fish somewhat. Haven't been lately though. The title is more related to my love of TP's and OoT's fishing section. heh.

    Usually I fish with bait and a sinker, aiming for catfish, but I'd really like to get into lure fishing. Looks awesome. Nice meeting you. :D
    How bout... we call it "The Zelda Fan-Fic Zone"
    Then people could go ther also, and share their stories, as well as looking at ours!
    That's actually a wonderful start DK, I can't wait to make the rest of the plot!
    How bout we make the story in a Social Group? that way, people can add their opinions on the story and such.
    Sure DK, but, Where do we begin!?
    First we need to put down a solid plot, then work from there
    Thanks. Yeah thats Bass from Megaman. I play bass, and his name is Bass... so.. Kinda fits
    I think there are a few threads on it DK, sorry!:)
    But, try searching first, cause i'm not sure
    Oh yes, I noticed that a few months ago.
    The picture seems quite interesting, and there's alot of speculation circling about it.
    Especially about that fairy thing...
    I see you're a Metroid fan! I personally like the games, but i'm not a big fan.
    I still enjoy playing them though:)
    Hmm, I'm not exactly sure DK, I just found it on the internet!:lol:
    Anyway, Thanks for noticing!
    Hey Dungeon Killer, how are ya lately!, it's sad that you have to leave for the year!
    But at least I can talk to you for 1 more week! See ya around!
    O hai there.I am new here ;)

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