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Dungeon killer
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  • Didn't I send it to you in a PM? But, here it is anyway.


    Thanks for showing some interest. I would advertise it more, but I think I would annoy people (and sound desperate) that way.

    Thanks anyway!
    I know...I miss it :(

    I have a Chatbox at my website though, but the site isnt very active...
    I havent even been posting.
    You see, before the upgrade, I lost over 60 posts, then, I gained over 80!
    They must have been the ones that were deleted in the hacks.
    Mases has updated the Forums DKiller, eveerything that was not compatible had to be removed. And sadly, the SB was one of those things.
    It's gone forever now...:(
    I miss the SB! :kawaii:
    Cool. A lot of people don't like the game because of its lack of graphics compared to now a day games. But for 1998 that's out standing work.
    Yeah. So do you want to be friends or something? Do you like OOT?
    Hmmm when I looked it up nothing was there, wierd.
    not much, however, a few days ago i traded my old avatar game for minish cap, along with a few other GBA games. i'm already in palace of winds.
    Um I already do that. I'm on a lot of other forums....
    I have decided that all vm messages must have proper grammer, please head this warning as I am trying to help those who are having grammer problems and I will not accept any more if this let this be a warning to anyone who needs help if you are just new and help I will accept but if you have been here long enough to know not to write in poor grammer I will not reply until you rewrite it and post it agian, then I will reply.

    Thank you for reading this public notice and good day.
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