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  • J
    Just wanna let you know that we cool. No hard feelings here.
    Girl don't even joke, you know I could never forget you. I wuv my special Candian friend <3 It's not like it makes much of a difference cause I'll still be checking in (and I'll always be on tumblr lol)
    When I first saw his VM, I thought it was Alit, because they have similar avatars.
    Erg nooo I have to go to bed why did you have to shower =(

    Anywayyy I'm really glad we got to talk again. I missed you lots girly but I love your monthly visits (that sounds awk :rolleyes:). Skype is a turd so I have to put this here to say goodnight. Have fun and try not to go to bad people parties and good luck with your lil' friend.

    Speaking of which, my volleyball season is over but we went 12-5 on the season. My new bby was on my team and she's in six of my classes so lovee <3 Her birthday is November 12th so it's coming up real soon, gonna do something nice for her. That also reminds me of someone else I know whose birthday is coming up soon but I can't put my finger on who that could possibly be...
    Hey girly, I miss you too <3 I hope everything's going well for you and you're happy with your job and school and stuffs. We gotta chat sometime. I'm pretty busy with volleyball and other school stuff, so I don't know when I'll be able to get a good amount of time for talking, but we'll figure it out. Love you 5ever.
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