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  • That said, AC3 still has some bugs, and i hope Ubisoft patches them soon. Doesnt really have isues with gameplay but its still annoying.
    1. My second gun always changes by itself after fast travel (except pirate and scotish gun)
    2. When replaying missions, somehow the game decides to give me other weapons
    3. Altair robes has no physics! the lower back side of the robes is just glued to his legs
    4. Ezio robes, the arm goes trough cape and the feet goes trough the lower back side. Clearly with other new costumes they fixed that issue. (at least it has physics!)
    Destiny, why does Ezio keep failing with free running and climbing in Brotherhood? =(
    "tutorial: jump sideways direction + A while hanging"
    Oni does direction + A *Ezio jumps backwards, and bye bye healthpoints...or armorpoints*
    >mfw i wasted like 8 potions in a single Templar Lair mission"

    I never ever had that issue with Connor...
    why do you have jihad-ese in your sig
    No, if you did a little more research, you'd find that I'm actually the wife of a vampire. You don't want to know anything more about my personal life though.
    why aren't you a ZD railroad worker!?!
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