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  • IS the link in your siggy from the haunted majora mask cartidge thingy? Becaus ethe guy says its bent sideways.
    You're Welcome, Dear Visitor. Well I have to enter 30 characters hope this is enough. Stupid rules.
    Oh, glad you like them! For the record, I don't actually work on the walkthroughs. I'm just the mailbag/video discussion/article/story page guy. :)

    The shoutbox is hidden, and only members who meet certain requirements are allowed to view it. If you stay active and make a lot of intelligent posts with proper spelling and grammar, follow the rules, etc., you'll get there. ;)
    Haha thanks. Your avatar looks cool too. Midna looks a bit like a pokemon sprite though :P
    HaHa yes i do and im starting i was pissed that they censored some of it out, like the cookies in eh stomach scene i wanted to see that, we should start a Higurashi/Umineko fan club on here or When they cry Series
    Hey I like your sig it's really cute ;) I know someone else has said this but oh well :P
    you say you beat every zelda game. Did you emulate any of them? If so, which? Also, Morpha is spelled with an A at the end, not an AE. Also, how could you hate Skull Kid!?!?!?!?!?!? > .<;
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