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  • Yeah same here. Wait since you live in the UK that means its daytime over there right?
    They haven't come yet. But they will soon. I live at the very top of a hill so we dont see many kids up here.
    Yeah i'm going to your house lol just kidding. Im am most likely going to stay home and relax.
    Lol. My favorite would have to be watt. She reminds me of my niece they both dont talk much. Both of them are so cute. By the way anything cute is like a weakness of mine.
    Hey! Ta very much :)

    Erm, can't say I have. But I just moved to Nottingham a month ago, so I'm still a little bit like 'er, yeah, that place is where?' haha.
    I think just jealous cuz when their xbox gets red ring of death or their ps3 overheats we'll still be playing wii which thankfully pretty much never breaks.
    Yeah I know it does look awesome. Maybe now people will stop talking **** about the wii.
    Sorry I didn't reply you back. My brother was playing Halo Online on my Computer. I got upset mostly. I tried to tell him to get off politely but he ended up yelling at me.
    Yeah it is. Oh by the way are you getting the wii u by any chance when it comes out next year hopefully.
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