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  • ;) Good luck with that, I should really get to sleep, got school tomorrow and it's half past 1
    Ahhh right, weren't we just talking the other day about how wii's never break, too? :lol: that sucks man, hope you can get it fixed soon.
    I take it you're going to get in then, you seemed to be anticipating it somewhat.
    Nahh, the call of duty series isn't really my thing, not to say it's a bad series of course, it's just not my kind of FPS :P
    at the time you sent that message it was half past twelve at night, so no :lol:
    It's morning now, and i'll be going to school soon :P
    Lol, same, it's already half 7 here and I live in a small, isolated street, so all the kids have already been.
    Probably Goombella because I have obsessive compulsive with that damn tattle log :lol:
    I wouldn't say jealous so much as ignorant, if you prefer other consoles I have nothing against you, it's personal choice at the end of the day. As long as you can respect the fact I prefer nintendo games I can get along with people just fine :D
    Yeah that really bugs me, they're normally just graphics whores, my friends mostly prefer ps3 or xbox but thankfully they're not dicks so they'll still play wii or gamecube games if they're fun
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