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  • Ok, I added your friend code to my wii, and when you mean striking off, do you mean removing a stage from the list?
    Well for now, the best time for us to practice is around 10:00AM thats me and 12:00AM thats you, is that alright? and one more thing, i give you my wii console friend code so we can exchange codes so that we can be in better contact. Code:2073-6237-8008-7108. and if i'm not online around 12am, thats your time. than try 2am, if thats ok.
    Actually, could you ask that question in the thread so that I can be sure that it is answered publicly without me double posting?
    Oh, yes, I forgot to say that, in the bracket, the person on top is Player 1, so it is Triforce King who strikes first.
    Hello, this is a reminder that the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament is underway. Be sure to check the thread for the rules, and make sure to look at the bracket in the link in section VII., and be sure to play your first round opponent in a best of five series by next Saturday. Speaking of which, your first round opponent is Triforce King. Play him, then one of you should report the results in the thread.*
    Hey, Ariel, I saw your shout asking what time it is in the States. Right now, it's 7:46 A.M. in the Central Time Zone. If you tell me what time it is for you, I can tell you how many hours to add so you don't have to ask, if you like.
    Just let me know when you want to play, I'll be available until... 6 hours from now, and I can try to be available after that, but I can't make any promises.
    Oh lordy. It's 1 o'clock in the morning. I'll add you in a few hours when I'm up again and we can organise something more suitable maybe. Thanks again.

    Yeah, I know, lag, tell me about it.


    We can definitely try, and if it's not too laggy (some lag is present in basically all matches), I would say go for it. I'll be able to play in about half an hour, and after that I'll be available all day. My FC should be posted in the tournament thread.
    You alreday mentioned the one thing that held me back. I don't have enough thoughts on the matter. Also, many aspects have been confirmed by the devs, which leaves little room for input from anybody (or maybe I'm not looking into it enough). Already knoing it's like WW but with and up and down, I can't see what else could be said.
    Well, I've been thinking it over for a while now. I already made an experiment by creating something along the same lines in the World of Zelda section. I'm not sure how much talk it would inspire, based on the few results I got. People either agreed with me or just said "no" when I asked about the sense of vastness the series have kept to this moment (not in most replies, luckily). I have my doubts about its purpose now. It doesn't seem to interest people.

    Honestly, I'm not sure. But thanks for the reply, from what I've seen, you look like a very insightful person. I guess I'll just go to my luck and revive your thread. To let you know, I plan to start something about how the scope will evolve now that we know aout the loft-bird and all that.
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