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  • It fills me with such grief and embarassment that the group "The Intelectuals" have misspelt their own title. So much so, that I had to Google "intellectual" to make sure that I haven't been misspelling it myself for my entire existence. I hope there's some irony that I'm not aware of, if not: facepalm!
    Just went on a bit of a binge on the Mature Discussion Threads, now I think I'm overdosing on seriousness.
    Oh, really sorry. I appreciate your discretion but I sort of reiterated my reasons in the thread which I feel are justified. I'll try not to veer off again (or announce it for that matter). Thanks again.
    oh, yeah
    we have the QCS, i'll be doing that next year
    good luck, i'm sure you'll do fine (even though i don't know anything about you....)
    Heyyyy another Australian! xDDD Woah, just keep seeing us everywhere on ZD now eh? =P
    Hope you wouldn't mind accepting me as a friend. =)
    guess us aussies are pretty prominant zelda players XD
    i'm pretty good how is life for ariel?
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