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  • So, I was thinking about starting a thread in the SwS section about overworld size. I saw you already made one, and wanted to ask you if I should revive yours or make a new one.
    No problem, man. I always try to help out when I see people don't understand that stuff about VMs, since, frankly, it's pretty confusing. :sweat: And of course I'll accept your friend request. :)
    Sorry on my part too. Just a misunderstanding. :<
    The article was written by one of the site's authors, called cgull8m. They've written quite a few from what I can see. They may have just misenterpreted the information that was presented from the original investigation.

    Anywho, misunderstandings aside, how are you?
    Hello, Ariel. Instead of starting a plume of forum drama, i'm simply going to say, if there's a problem, i'd rather you say it to me instead of broadcasting it in sarcastic remarks in the middle of threads. I was simply saying that I knew what the mitochondria and cancer cells are, and that I did not want to be made out to be unknowing of what I was talking about.

    So if there's anything to say, direct it to me please. I'm all ears...err...eyes.
    Hey, Ariel, noticed you were posting responses to your VMs here in your profile. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's not actually how you're supposed to do it. Technically the proper way is to go to the OTHER person's profile and respond to them there. That, or you click "View Conversation" on their message and it will go to a page that shows the messages from both profiles, back and forth. Posting on their profile properly shows the message under this View Conversation and also sends them a notification.

    Just letting you know. It's actually pretty confusing and I didn't realize this for a while either. ;)
    A Tedious Over-Analysis of the GDC Trailer - there it is in the Skyward Sword Forums. Enjoy :)
    They call me the skull ninja for my evasive maneuvers. I plan on writing a rather lengthy piece on a few things I've noticed in the GDC trailer, among other things for the forums. It shall include screenshots and comparisons. Check back in a few days for it.
    Good job! You were able to get five rep-hearts without me knowing you! Nice evasive skills. Niiice.
    Alright, just had some hands on experience with OoT 3DS as well as other things, but we'll focus on Zelda on this site, shall we?

    Firstly, the 3D is gorgeous, particularly gorgeous due to the greater lighting in the game compared to the other 3DS games. There is a very discernable 3D image of Link, and of objects slightly behind him, and the background even further behind him. This in effect gives it about 3 distinct layers which adds tonnes of depth. A particularly nice 3D effect is to watch Link backflip at you, which has been redesigned now so it's slower and slightly more dramatic. Also, the "sweetspot" where everything looks just right and doesn't go blurry, for me, was with the 3D slider at about 2/3 on, and looking directly at the console. It's also fairly easy to contain the console at that sweetspot, unlike Kid Icarus, which was more demanding. Backgrounds have been completely remodelled in this game, also adding to the 3D effect as no longer was it blatantly evident that the backdrops were 2D images imposed as walls in a 3D game. Textures have also been dramatically upgraded, from the green of Link's tunics, to the ground, to the vines he climbs (I might add he can climb slightly faster now which is always a plus) and these become immediately obvious and really refreshes the game.

    The controls play very smoothly, the slide pad is a worthy replacement of the joystick, L-Targetting works great too, the touch screen is very responsive and the gyroscopic controls work a treat as well, allowing you to look around a room with 1-1 motion controls as well as aim the slingshot and presumably the bow too.

    In terms of content, nothing I could see has been changed. Dialogue is identical to the first (except for basic control tutorials given by the Kokiri) as far as the demo goes. But they did block off the Lost Woods in the Kokiri Forest, but this, once again, may be just for the demo. Dungeon layout is the same, as is the internals of buildings, so far, it looks like it's just the original with a dramatic facelift and slight redesign of minor details. But overall, it's faithful to the original, and has so far not taken a misstep in execution. If the final product is anything like this, it would be a worthy tribute of the masterful game.
    Way to raise the bar, Language Police! I don't think anyone could top that.
    That is ironic indeed. It also fills me with grief that the "Language Police" thread was spelled incorrectly.
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