Rassla Lake

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Rassla Lake

Rassla Lake is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Rassla Lake is a body of water located just south of Lake Floria. Water from the Rassla Lake flows down a waterfall to the north, falling into Lake Floria. The Lake is surrounding on all sides by the Ubota Point.

There are four treasure chests found underwater within the Lake. Three are found right at the center of the Lake and they contain a Knight's Shield, Topaz gem, and five Ice Arrows. A fourth chest is found just east of the Lake containing some Flint.

Near the waterfall, there are a few Hyrule Bass that can be found swimming around.


Nearby Korok Seeds

Lift the rock.

Lift the rock.

Use the magnesis block behind the waterfall to complete the cliffside puzzle. Cryonis will be required to reach the puzzle.

Reach the block behind the puzzle using Cryonis (you can do horizontal pillars on the waterfall if needed), then solve the block puzzle.

Place Mighty Bananas on the leaf below the statue.

Offer Mighty Bananas. Some are quite close by.