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Grimbo is a character from The Wand of Gamelon.


Grimbo lives in a hut at the very end of the Washubi Swamp. It is unclear what profession Grimbo is, as he has what looks like some chemicals on a shelf, as well as an axe on the floor. However, he has some magical abilities, such as being able to emit green light from his hands, possibly implying that he is a wizard.

When Zelda first encounters Grimbo, he will describe Zelda as a bit puny to go up against Ganon.[1] However, when Zelda tells Grimbo that she is up for the task, Grimbo then encourages Zelda to bring him some Hanyu Spore so that he can give her a bit more punch.[2] Zelda can then strike the Triforce Map in Grimbo's house, which will open up the Hanyu Forest.

After acquiring the Hanyu Spore from the Hanyu Forest, Zelda can return to Grimbo and give it to him. Grimbo will then ask for Zelda's glove as well.[3] Using the Hanyu Spore, he will combine it with Zelda's glove to create a Power Glove.[4] This will give Zelda a bit more power, allowing her to defeat certain enemies and break boulders.


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  1. HMM? Aren't you a might puny to go up against Ganon? - Grimbo
  2. That's the spirit! Bring some Hanyu Spore if you want a bit more punch! - Grimbo
  3. You're back! Now give me your glove! - Grimbo
  4. Hee hee hee! Dont worry! Here! - Grimbo