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Dai is a character from Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Dai can be found curled up and trembling, just north of the Coliseum Ruins.[1] He can be seen wielding a Traveler's Sword and a Fisherman's Shield. He has traveled to the Coliseum to slay some of the monsters inside, aiming to get the treasure and weapons that are left behind.[2] He has a strategy of keeping his eye on his opponent at all times, thinking the extra focus will help him to victory.[3] However, Dai gets frightened and can't bring himself to enter the arena. Instead, he stays outside and gets scared when Link approaches him to talk.[4]

Dai will encourage Link to head inside the arena to scout it out for him. He suggests to Link that if he defeats some of the monsters in there, he wouldn't mind.[5] If Link heads inside the arena and defeats the Lynel, Dai will be ecstatic. Dai claims that he was going to do it himself, but because Link already took care of the Lynel, he awards him with a Silver Rupee.[6] Dai says he can take it from there, implying he is planning on raiding the coliseum, now that the Lynel has been defeated.[7]

Each night at midnight, Dai will fall sleep, right up against the wall where he was standing. Even at nighttime he will be dreaming about taking on the monsters in the Coliseum and getting all the weapons and treasure that go along with it.[8][9][10]



  1. I can't stop trembling. I thought I was ready for this. - Dai
  2. Me? I'm going into this arena to slay some monsters! If I emerge victorious, I'll get treasure and weapons beyond my wildest daydreams! OK... I just need to keep my eye on my opponent. As long as I don't blink, this one's in the bag. Yeah, I got this. - Dai
  3. These monsters don't stand a chance against me. See, what I'll do is keep my eye on my opponent and never look away while fighting. Yep, that's my plan... - Dai
  4. UWAAAAH! Don't pop out of nowhere and scare me like that! - Dai
  5. If you've got nothing else to do, why not go in there and scout it out for me. And if you happen to slay a few of the monsters while you're in there just to thin them out a bit, I won't mind. - Dai
  6. Well I'll be! You've already defeated the Lynel?! I mean... I was going to do it myself, but seeing as you saved me the trouble, let me reward you for your efforts. - Dai
  7. I can take it from here, so you're free to go. Later on! - Dai
  8. Mmm...zzz... Take that, monsters... Zzz... Give me the weapons... Treasure... Zzz... Just...can't...blink... Zzzz... - Dai
  9. Those arena monsters...don't stand a chance... Zzz... If I beat them...I get weapons and treasure! Zzzz... - Dai
  10. Those arena monsters...don't stand a chance... Zzzz... As long as I don't blink... Zzzz... - Dai