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Spoiler Zoras Aren't Mentioned Anywhere!

Links Brother

I am Links older Brother!
Jul 12, 2011
Zoras are my favorite race to and I was sad that they weren't there but the other fish creatures in my opinion look like e Zoras in an early state. Still I would have liked to see some fish people.

Majora's Mask

I wish those, as you say, "friendly octoroks" were replaced by Zoras in SS. Of course!
The water race in SS were actually kind of lame.
Do you think they are a precursor race to the Zoras though? Did they evolve into the Zoras?
Apr 4, 2012
I remember in an older game the Zoras were mentioned as being an ancient race. Wonder how that would factor into an evolution train of thought.


Why did the humans attack
Apr 5, 2012
Well, I must be somewhere!
Lol actually there were 3 Gorons so even better (Gorko, the mining Goron in front of the tunnel that leads to the Sand Ship ocean, and the Goron running that game on the roller coaster mining carts.)

The Zora symbol was actually there many times, but I am also sad they did not actally make an appearance. They definitly changed up the races in Skyward Sword. While its sad the originals weren't in their usual places, it was fun to meet new races. (Like the adorable Kikwi's!)


The Rational Theist
Apr 4, 2012
I think the Zoras originally lived in Labrynna but migrated to Hyrule after their waters were poisoned by Veran in Oracle of Ages. They followed their evil cousins (the River Zora/Zolas) to Hyrule, settled there sometime in the decades prior to Ocarina of Time, and then migrated back at King Ralis' command after the death of his parents. Thus Ralis is the Zora king in the present of Oracle of Ages; it is not the same one from the past.

That would explain why the Zora don't live in Hyrule at this time. Who knows/cares what happened to the Parella after Skyward Sword?

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