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Breath of the Wild Your Main Outfit


Jun 22, 2011
I've worn different sets depending on what my strongest armor was at the time. For a long time I'd wear the snowquill pants and headgear with the champion's tunic. Now due to what I've been able to upgrade, the ancient armor happens to be my strongest set so I've been wearing that a lot.
Apr 25, 2017
At the moment I'm using the Snowquill set as it's the set I have upgraded the most. But my fave set that I want you use is the Champion's Tunic with white Hylian Hood & Trousers. The Dark Link set is fun to run around in an scare the piss out anyone you run by :^^:


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Jun 15, 2011
The Tree
I almost always wear the full stealth set dyed black unless I need tougher armor or something to ward off the elements.

Like how can you not wear the stealth armor? You get to be a ninja in a Zelda game

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Like how can you not wear the stealth armor? You get to be a ninja in a Zelda game
Naruto has ruined the idea of ninjas forever for me so I completely ignored that set. :P

I have a new favorite main outfit. The amber earrings, the tunic of the wild dyed white, and my black snow boots. Link looks like a chill traveler like this, I like it a lot. Kinda makes him fit in with other travelers on the road.


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Oct 1, 2012
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For main story stuff like the final phase of the final boss, I like to wear the Champion's tunic and hylian trousers with the master sword and Hylian shield so they show up in the final cutscenes. For the first phase of the final boss and all of the divine beast bosses, I wore the ancient armor with the master sword. When just exploring, I like to wear the barbarian armor in case of enemy encounters.
Jun 7, 2017
Fully upgraded set of Climbing gear, period. I have almost every piece of clothing you could want, and have fully upgraded it all too. The only stuff I refuse to get are all the jewelry items.

So, when required by the elements, water, etc. I change into the appropriate gear (snowquill, gerudo, flamebreaker, zora, etc.). I use stealth/sheikah gear only if I REALLY need it. Barbarian gear when fighting tough enemies. I also, of course, use the snow/sand boots as req'd in those environments. And, I have the monster masks to use when I feel like screwing w/ the enemies, or more easily getting past them without going way around them.

Honestly, after that, I feel that every other piece of clothing (or armor, if you insist on calling a shirt "armor") is completely unnecessary, and only there for "looks". Nothing wrong with that, but I'm not wasting any time changing clothing all the time just because of how it looks. To me, all "outfits" are purely functional, and the set bonuses you get with them is what I'm after.

Hell, if the climbing gear make you look like a drunk clown, I'd still wear it all the time because it's THE most functional set of clothing if you like running around all over the map going anywhere you wanna go.


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Jul 5, 2017
Currently rocking the Hylian Hood, and the radiant set. I had no idea it was a luchador get up and the dye shop offers awesome combinations.


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