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Breath of the Wild Your Main Outfit

Link Floyd

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Sep 23, 2014
So what outfit do you usually wear in Botw? Do you like to wear a particular set or your favorite hat/shirt/pants from different sets?

My main outfit is the Champions tunic, Hylian trousers, and the diamond circlet. :)
I don't know if I have a main outfit really, but when I'm exploring in standard conditions or just goofing off, I usually find myself wearing either the hylian tunic and trousers with topaz earrings, or the snowquill tunic with sandboots (they match for some reason) and whatever headgear I happen to be wearing.


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Jun 18, 2011
I generally switch between the Champions Tunic and the Zora armour, I usually do the rubber leggings, and for the head I switch between the climbers bandana and the diamond circlet.


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Jan 8, 2015
I usually have the Chanpions tunic, Hylian hood and some random pants or the Sheikah Stealth set. I don't know why, but I really like the hair Link has in that costume, it looks kinda cute.

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Amber Earrings, Champion Tunic, and Soldier's Greaves. I really cannot like the Hylian Trousers, they look... too skinny. Soldier's Greaves dyed black look excellent with the Champion Tunic and they have better defense anyway. I keep the Hylian Hood around so I can wear it in the rain, because that just feels right, but I never really like it when headgear obscure's my character's face in other games and I feel the same way about BotW, that's why I like the Amber Earrings so much. That and their defense is superior.
Jun 7, 2016
Usually the Snowquill tunic & headdress with snow boots for snowy areas, the Champions shirt & hylian leggings or full barbarians armour. (dyed red)
Jun 21, 2016
Leeds, England.
I usually wear the cap/tunic/trousers of Twilight I got from the Smash Bros Link amiibo. Now, though, I've taken to wearing the cap/tunic/trousers of the Wild (the one you get once you complete all the Shrines). Either way, I always have Link looking traditional. Boring? Maybe. But for me, Link just doesn't look right without his signature green ensemble.
Oct 14, 2013
The two pieces of the climbing gear I have + the hylian pants.
However in the cold or hot areas I use the right weather appropriate clothing.

I don't care for defence. If I get hit I usually eat food or reset the game back to a previous save as many thing in the game one shot kill my Link.


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Oct 8, 2016
Stuttgart, Germany
My main outfit is the Hylian Hood, the Champion's Tunic, and the Snowquill pants. When I'm in cold regions I switch the Champion's Tunic for the Warm Doublet.


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Jun 15, 2010
When I'm not using clothes designed for specific climates, I'm almost always wearing the full Twilight Princess outfit. Otherwise, it's usually the Hood, Champion's Tunic and Hylian Trousers.
Aug 28, 2016
I'm constantly changing depending on the situation, but I spent a lot of time early on wearing the climbing set as it really helped with exploration... and later on, once I'd expanded my stamina I started using the snowquill set more often, as I frequently found myself in cold locations at that point (Gerudo Highlands, Hebra Mountains, and would go to Mount Lanayru to harvest materials from Naydra).
For combat with world bosses I tend to use the barbarian set, and use the ancient set while heading into Hyrule Castle.

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