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Would You Reccomend This Game?

Sep 10, 2008
Speaking as somebody who doesn't have this game, I'd like to ask this. If a Zelda gamie liking friend asked you wether or not you thought they should buy Spirit Tracks, what would you tell them, and why?


Guy What's Angry Now
May 15, 2009
It's a secret to everybody.
Spirit Tracks is definitely a good game, but honestly it doesn't have enough replay value to warrant a buy. On the list of games to rent, though, ST is a shoo-in. The main issue is that you'll never find some secret area you didn't see before, like in better Zeldas. Everything in the world is right on the side of the tracks, and the only thing close to exploration is choosing whether or not to turn left at the tracks that aren't going straight toward your destination. Instead of discovery, it's more of an issue of patience to discover new things.
Otherwise, though, it's a great improvement on PH's controls and engine. The dungeons are just fantastic (my personal favorite being the stellar Sand Temple), and the Tower of Spirits is really pretty tricky in places- going without a guide is honestly a real challenge. The Phantom works great, too, and the dynamics with Cole, Byrne, and Anjean are pretty deep near the end. I'm pretty peeved about Malladus, though- honestly, the game would have been much more interesting if we had that creepy evil leprechaun directly trying to take over the world. Cole was cool, but Malladus was, um... lessee... dumb. -adus. He only had like three lines and they were all just like "argh how dare you" type stuff. Plus his whole MO was a complete ripoff of Ganon, despite him being a new villain. The new items work great, and some minigames are genuinely challenging (scaling the giant tree in Whittleton, the third Take 'em all on level, etc.

It's a good game, but again there's very little replay value. Definitely rent.

Octo Rocked

Dr. Octorokapus BLAAAAAH!
Dec 8, 2009
The American Midwest
Hmm...I'm torn on this one.

The controls were an improvement from Phantom Hourglass, and the items were all pretty cool. The bosses were absolutely awesome, and the soundtrack is just as good. The plot was very good, but it kind of stalled once the adventure actually started. And to be honest, I liked the Ocean King temple better than the Tower of Spirits.

It's a real tough call for me. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it over another Zelda game, but I definitely would as a game in general.


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
yeah coz it rocks
but the bunnies annoy me so much
ive completed it though
the bosses are a bit too easy
but in general its great fun


Archer Extraordinaire
Aug 31, 2009
Fishing pond
ok it was a good game but definitly not the best zelda games. people are going to reccomend it because it is new but i would have to say the game was too repetitive it goes temple then spirit tower back and forth through out the game. The only time their is any story line is within the first ten minutes of the game and then the story doesnt pick up again until you go to the 5th temple. Thats a long time inbetween.

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