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    u just have 2 erase all of the spaces, then copy & paste onto the place where u put ur sig!
    Hey man, I noticed you're NORWEGIAN! Haha, been looking for other Norwegians here on the forum :P
    well, jesper there wouldn't be a game help catagory if people used google instead and we aren't supposed to post random remarks in that catagory
    Dude, your sig looks funny on the new layout because with the alternating white and red it looks like.

    It's home, comin' , its

    Go E g a d for the world cup.
    Fantastic forum signature!! Go Eeengland!! So so sad and bad, bad, BAD luck for Robert Green, but the three lions will take this cup for sure! Come on England!

    Cheers, from Finland. :D England!!
    Haha, nei det virker som skandinavere generelt er i mindretall her egentlig. Men så koselig at det er flere (i hvert falll én til) nordmenn her. ^^
    Takk for velkomsten~
    Um. Sure I guess. I don't think there are rules against that kind of thing, though they would only be allowed in the Community section I believe. But I'm not sure, the mods of that section might decide to close it. You shouldn't get in any trouble though.

    I doubt it'd be successful though. We put that requirement in for a reason, and the results we were going for were successfully reached, so as far as we're concerned it was a success. Isn't it just a minor annoyance?
    Ah. Come to think of it, I don't think I've actually learned a lot about Scotland. I don't think it was covered in world history.
    eh, I have AP Testing in two weeks for world history, probably going to fail it with a 1. I don't think there's a chance of me getting a 2. I also have to read an almost-600 page book in the span of 5 weeks.

    Question, though, what country would it happen to be?
    he he, the Kaiser Chiefs are from my village!!! I like them. But I like other music too. Have you heard their song Hyroyds? That used to be a hospital and teenagers ran around on the deserted site.
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