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Would You Let Nintendo Put Zelda on the Back-burner for 10 Years?


Princess of Awesome!!!
Apr 9, 2012
I think that's way too long! It was long enough to wait between Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword (which I was disappointed by, but I'm not done with it yet), and 10 years from now I'll be 25 and hopefully IN the game industry! :O
Aug 7, 2011
I'm generally a fairly patient person. However 10 years for a new Zelda game would be too much for me I think.


Sage of Tales
I could because I did.

I was into LoZ as a kid, and AoL for a time... then, I just wasn't much into videogaming. It was expensive to get systems. I was more into reading books and watching television shows and I was into anime. I didn't play A Link to the Past until 10 or 12 years after it came out. In fact, the reason I'm here being a Zelda-fangirl today was because I got the chance to play a friend/relative's GameCube as a fourth-of-july lark a few years ago, fell in love with the copy of Twilight Princess he brought over, my guy and I just happened to be in a rare good spot with money at the time, so he surprised me with a 'Cube and TP three days later on my birthday.

Then I borrowed my friend's Collector's Disk and found out just what this "Ocarina of Time" business was all about and the rest is me-becomming-a-slathering-Zelda-fantatic history.

I droughted for a good long time between "favorite childhood games" and rediscovering the franchise. The fansploshion was wonderful. If I had to do it again, yeah, I could.
Sep 11, 2011
i could wait

wait wait wait nvm i couldn't wait if they did it now , first they need a super epic game like skyward sword without the little problems like linearity, kind of
Apr 7, 2012
Raccoon City
Well if they focus on new 1st party games that are for hardcore gamers and were just as good, I don't see the problem with trying something new. But I think they'll keep on making Zeldas since it's a trusted franchise.
Jun 9, 2011
Between Hyrule and Rapture
No. I don't think I could. It would be a bad idea for Nintendo to not release a Zelda game for ten years for a lot of reasons. Mainly you would lose a major chunk of the fanbase if that happened.
Apr 3, 2012
Tucson AZ
You'd lose quite a but of fanbase/potential fanbase that way!

Not to mention you'd be constantly updating things if graphics change too much

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