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  • So honors classes are like, the harder ones right? We don't have them here :P
    I do the core subjects (Maths, English, Social studies and Science) and 2 electives (Drama and extended science)
    Next term we pick out senior subjects, so I'll be doing: English, the 2 harder maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics...
    Yeah, I'm gonna die :D
    What's your new avatar?
    Oh cool :D Good luck with your finals
    I have 7 weeks of school left :P
    I've been pretty good lately except I've had loads of assignments :P
    What subjects do you do at your school?
    Haha yeah you sent that this morning at 7:06. I was just getting ready to go to school at that time so I didn't notice you had sent me a message :P
    I live in Queensland in Australia. So... the other side of the world :)
    What's been going on in your life lately?
    Wow you have a lot of games! Is Star Fox 64 any good? I was thinking of getting that too.
    I have never heard of that DS game. I'll keep it in mind if I ever see it.
    I got 3 ar cards today for Kid Icarus but I don't even have the game yet! They came with my dad's gameinformer magazine. They seem pretty cool.
    We should play on Mario Kart 7 sometime. Might be hard cause of time zones though.
    Where country do you live? Your page says "Playing Final Fantasy XIII" which is an amazing game :)
    Cool, I'll add you right now.
    My Pokemon code is 1979-3715-5120
    What 3DS games do you have?
    I have MK7, SM3DL and OoT3D. I'm planning on getting Kid Icarus soon.
    Awesome :) My favourite Zelda is OoT and Pokemon is Fire Red.
    Sure I'll add you. My friend code is 2492-4460-6984 and my name is Rachel. Just post yours so I can add you.
    Did you want my Pokemon White friend code as well?
    I do have a PS3 but I don't play it much and I don't go online. It's actually my dad's and I only play Final Fantasy and Little Big Planet on it :D
    Haha that's cool I didn't actually realise :D
    Thanks for accepting :)
    So what Zelda/Pokemon games are your favourites?
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