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Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?


Born to Fail
Sep 11, 2009
Where to start...

1)Scars, by Papa Roach
2)Conflict, by Disturbed
3)Torn, by Distrubed
4)Down With the Sickness, by Disturbed
5)The Night, by Disturbed
6)Indestructible, by Disturbed
7)Stricken, by Disturbed
8)Perfect Insanity, by Disturbed
9)Awaken, by Distubed
10)Darkness, by Disturbed
11)Ten Thousand Fists, by Disturbed
12)The End, by My Chemical Romance
13)Welcome to the Black Parade, by My Chemical Romance
14)Viva La Gloria, by Green Day
15)Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by Green Day

A lot of Disturbed, I know, but it's just so good!

And to add on...
16)Criminal, by Disturbed
17)Haunted, by Disturbed
18)Voices, by Disturbed
19)I'm Alive, by Disturbed
20)City, by Hollywood Undead
And more...sorry....
21)Goodbye, by Hollywood Undead
22)My Black Dahlia, by Hollywood Undead
23)Undead, by Hollywood Undead

Bob Majinki

Deku Director
Feb 15, 2009
I'm listenin' to a little song called Portal by Alabaster.
I have some really obscure music.


For me what I'm listening to right now,is lots and lots of FF music XD .From original to orchestrated.Mainly songs from FFVII-FFX and a few older ones.
Once again, it's a Zelda Song, Ganondorf Battle from the Wind Waker.

♫da da-da da, da dada da-dada da-da…♪<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
--ww Ganondorf Battle

I happen to have an extremely long Zelda playlist, and now I'm listening to "The Great Sea."
And now it's a remix of "Ancient Hero."

What? Well, sometimes I'm a slow typer...

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