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  • I add to check back an hour later to see if you replied.... Please reply on my visitor message page next time...
    Sorry, about the spoilers, lol. If you like Days, you should love Birth By Sleep. It comes out in the U.S. on September 7th for PSP. I already preordered it. If you preorder it from Amazon and Gamestop, you'll get bonus stuff with it. I knew, too, about the visitor message thing. It's been a while since I've been on here. And Ventus (Ven) is the guy with the armor, lol. When he has his horned helmet on, that's his battle outfit. Anyway, you should look into Birth By Sleep. I imported the Japanese game, and its osm. The U.S. trailers are osm.
    Thankyou for clearing that up. I thought someone made their DS name roxas and so by default that is the name. (I thouch Roxas was Rocks As*. XD!!!!) How do you pronounce that? Please do not give out anymore spoilers... I am barely getting started...... Also, when you reply to a visitor message, you reply to it ont he other person's page. And by avatar, I mean your chracter portraite, you know the plce were you see the yellow haied guy with strange armor on your account.
    Actually, it's of Ventus from Birth by Sleep. My previous avatar WAS of Roxas, and so was my profile picture. But, I changed them all to Ventus. And Roxas is known as "The Key of Destiny." Not Ventus. Roxas is the Nobody of Sora, who Ventus merged with into Sora to keep from falling into darkness, thus taking on Roxas' look after losing his heart. And the game is 358/2 Days. Roxas spent his last 7 days in a digital Twilight Town under Namine's observation. He only spent 358 days in the Organization, until he was captured by Riku.

    I'd go on, but... it gets more complex from here out.
    Excuse me, your image is of sora is it not? And you have the quote Key of Destiny? I looked online for a Kingdom of Hearts rom for 365/2, and the default name was roxas.......
    ok, osm. Thanks for the tip. I'll figure some things out as I go along on here, too. Thanks again!
    By the way, thought I'd let you know: Most of the time when people talk back and forth with Visitor Messages, they post them in the other person's profile, that way they are logged by the forum properly and you can view the whole thing by clicking "View Conversation".

    It took me forever to figure this out. It's the most confusing thing I've ever seen on a board, I think. This was my first vBulletin forum, so I had no idea about it's inner workings. :P
    Uh... just four or three days I think, though I've kind of been around before I joined. My brother Axle the Beast has been a here for many months, and I've kind of been looking over his shoulder a lot of the time. :)
    Hello, Roxas thanks for the friend add, it is very nice to get so many nice welcomes! I think I will like ZD very much. :)
    thanks for the welcomes everyone! I look forward to being on here as an active member.
    Hello Roxas20. :) I believe I saw you during the podcast last night. It's nice to see that you joined the ZD forums. I hope you enjoy it here. If you do have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. :)

    Anyways, see you around the forums, Roxas20.
    Welcome to ZD Roxas20! Have fun, and don't forget to read the rules!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member! See ya around!
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