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Where Should I Start?


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Dec 6, 2010
Mimiga Village
I'd hardly call Super Mario Sunshine a cakewalk, but everything else Master Kokiri 9 just said is true. Though I must add, if you love Zelda (which I assume you do, seeing that you are a member of this website), Metroid is the closest you'll get out of the three series you just mentioned.


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Oct 24, 2007
With the recent mention of games similar to the Legend of Zelda gameplay in the most recent posts, this just came to mind.
Give Star Fox Adventures a try. It plays very much like a Zelda game, and has a great story to boot.


Oct 4, 2010
Well, I guess I will also suggest Fire Emblem, which is a great game and very fun from my experience. It is a stratergy game that is very unique, where you controll your own army and fight battles as you play through the storyline. Each game is unique on its own, and usually are different from each other, but sometimes have sequels like FE6 and FE7. One of these games is Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the Gamecube, where the two games are connceted. So far, these two games have been the best in the series in my opinion, so you might want to play them. Other games that have been released here in the Us include Fire Emblem(also known as FE7), Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones(FE8), and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon(FE11) which is a remake of the original Fire Emblem for the Nintendo DS.
Nov 29, 2010
Hey everyone. I'm in need of a recommendation for a new gaming series. I've heard nothing but praise for games like Metroid, Kingdom Hearts, and the Mario series. I've actually never played any of these. o_O

So, what I'd like to know is which game would you recommend for me to start with? I'd like to try those three series, probably starting with Metroid. So, let me know what you think of these games, if I should get them, and which game within the series I should start with.

Aslo, if you can think of any other games that are pretty fun that you can get for Gamecube or Wii, I'm open to other suggestions. Thanks.

As far as metroid is concerned id start with Super metroid.
One of the games ever made.
Not really that hard but it has everything.
Great music very nicely designed areas,lots of weapons,suits,missile types etc.
Super metroid the game that all other Metroid games are compared to,and its the benchmark of the metroid series.

here is a clip of Super metroid for you.


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Apr 9, 2010
XD I'm suprised how many of you turned out to help a poor, deprived person like me. :P

So, basically, I'll start with Metroid, and play a little Mario in between. For the record, I have played Mario Karts, just not too much of it. And then I might add in a little bit of Kingdom Hearts or Fire Emblem.

Realistically, I'd have a lot more choices if I had an Xbox or PS, but for now, I'll stick with the Wii/GC tandem. Anyway, I appreciate the suggestions, guys! Thanks.


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Mar 7, 2011
my recommendations are first the Super Smash Bros. series if you haven't played any of the games yet then probably some Mario games like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64 then i would say give the No More Heroes series a shot cause you may like it. I've never been too fond of the Metroid series myself but i suppose there is a couple games that are worth a play through like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


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Personally,i would only buy mario if your not expecting anything except "fun" gameplay(i htink the games are just average,don't kill me,just read the blog i posted),but metroid prime trilogy is amazing,some other good games are Muramasa the demon blade,Okami,and i heard beyond good and evil was good.


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Mar 9, 2011
With the Great Deku Tree
I played the second Kingdom Hearts game (I haven't gotten the first) and it was much better than I expected. It was a really great game and so I'd recommend that series. Metroid and Mario are great as well though lol.


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Just thought of this too- If you like Pokemon, Pokepark Wii is fun. Then again, I'm a very childish person for fourteen, so of course it would be fun for me.
I've never played Metroid or Kingdom Hearts, but Mario is fun. You'd have to be extremely boring NOT to like mario.

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