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Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game


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Jun 18, 2010
Sydney, Australia
What We Can Confirm About Skyward Sword

EDIT: Info is trickling in from much more than the trailer, demos, correspondence from other gaming sites too.

Preface: I should specify that this thread is dedicated to all that we know about the game that we don't already know PRE E3 2011. For a more comprehensive summary/extrapolation about the game, here's an article doing just that.


Items: These (most of these) were confirmed PRE E3 2011 so this compilation by forum member JuiceJ is a great compendium of all that we know about the many items and equipment link will use on his adventure.


And here is the official site containing images, videos and the world map as it is slowly revealed in weekly updates:




!!!!!!!!!!!!NOVEMBER 18 FOR EUROPE, NOVEMBER 20 FOR AMERICA, NOVEMBER 23 FOR JAPAN, NOVEMBER 24 FOR AUSTRALIA/NZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti*:lol:


- Special Limited Edition comes with Zelda themed WiiMote+ and 25th Anniversary Concert CD.


- Regular edition comes with game (presumably), manual, cover and 25th Anniversary Concert CD.


- Rating's E10 (for everyone), do the conversion for your own regional ratings.

- The game will last 50-100 hours according to Miyamoto, making this the biggest Zelda game ever! The game will have over 100 minutes of in-game cinematics. Quite the visual feast.

- Miyamoto says there will be some form of second play through. No detail on any specifics though.

- Saving will be done by encountering and interacting with bird statues which will allow you to save your game and pick it up from that exact spot, rather than returning to the entrance of an area. Saving will ONLY be done through these statues, and they are very common throughout the game.

- Miyamoto also says there will be a Boss Rush mode and a Sheikah Stone hint system like in Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS. Very exciting.

- The HUD interface will be adjustable, with varying degrees of clutter and transparency allowing players to adjust how much of the interface, how many icons, etc., will be displayed so as to accommodate players of a variety of skill levels and preferences.

- Not being released on the Wii U as some may have speculated.

- Almost all tracks are orchestrated (probably not the really minor sound effects and certain songs).

E3 2011 Trailer:

- The Skyward Sword (the titular sword that the game revolves around) is called the "Goddess Sword" (I will refer to it as the Skyward Sword though, for simplicity).

- There is sky exploration with floating land masses like sea exploration with islands. There is indeed an overworld mainland in addition to the sky overworld, it is fully explorable (a la other Zelda overworlds) and it is inhabited by a wealth of new races such as little penguiny things called Kikwis and dog-like burrowing creatures known as Mogmas.

- Skyloft is in the middle of the sea of clouds and on the largest individual rock with smaller rocks and smaller islands around it. It's the hub of the sky and of the game as Link will constantly revisit it. Skyloft is apparently massive, with an entire residential area, multi-purpose bazaar, and plaza, recreational areas, etc. It also contains a monolithic statue of a Goddess.

- Zelda is the girl who Link searches for, the blonde girl with the sunny disposition in the trailer. There's a bit of a romantic thing going on between them.


- Birds are used to fly, they're called "Loftbirds" and they are awesome.

- Flight mechanics akin to Wii Sports Resort: point and fly, press A to dash, flap your arm to gain altitude.

Link, among other NPC characters, attends a "Knight's Academy" which is like a boarding school, where everyone is taught how to ride birds and stuff. The pushy, large, red-haired guy is calles Groose, he's not nice, he likes Zelda. The large, official looking eyebrowy man is Zelda father and he's headmaster of the academy. His name is Gaepora, a very subtle nod to his owl-like countenance. He gives link his iconic garb.

- Sorcerer guy from the GDC trailer is a main antagonist, BUT NOT THE ONLY ANTAGONIST (final, ultimate antagonist not confirmed). His name is "Ghirahim". He also is not working alone, or at least is operating under some higher authority or motives. He is a part of a dark tribe or clan in the world beneath the clouds. He needs Zelda for her holy powers and is seeking to resurrect his master. Check the dialogue in the video in the link below:

- Zelda will undergo some significant character development as she matures from Link's childhood friend into a very important figure in the game's story. She is NOT a princess. At the beginning of the game, Zelda and Link are deep friends. She is however lost dramatically when a tornado whipped up by Ghirahim sucks her down to the world below, just as she is about to reveal something secret to Link. A "servant of the goddesses" saves Zelda as she falls and evades Ghirahim's hands (check out the dialogue in the boss fight video below). Link had premonitions of this event, similar to his dream at the beginning of Ocarina of Time. Throughout the game, Link will be searching for Zelda. There's a bit of mystery behind why Link, and presumably Ghirahim too, can't find Zelda.


- Ganon is NOT in the game.

- The Triforce takes a different meaning in this game (whatever that means).

- Spirit inside the Skyward Sword is called "Fi". She (is very feminine) is apparently created by the Goddess and appears as Zelda is thrown to the world below and Link must chase her down. She also speaks gibberish like Midna, except her voice is very metallic and autotuney. She's kind of robotic in persona and will assist Link as all his sidekicks tend to do. Fi makes a beeping noise when around a point of interest. - Can be seen in demos below.

- There will be a night/day system, BUT, it will not work like traditional Zelda night/day systems. The passage of time does not gradually move the night day cycle INSTEAD whenever Link sleeps in his bed, it will turn from day to night and vice versa, essentially functioning as the Sun's Song of this game. Creatures such as demonic psycho kittens will populate the sky and Skyloft at night and they are not friendly.

- There will be a musical instrument, it's the Lyre we saw in the GDC trailer. This Lyre originally belongs to Zelda. - Can be seen in demos below.

- Zelda's Lyre, which Link eventually gains, is the central instrument in the game, and it will be played similar to the Wind Waker in the sense that it will focus on rhythm, rather than notes in Ocarina of Time (where there was no rhythm necessary). The Wii Motion Plus will be used to pluck at the strings, and you must pluck to a specific rhythm. Not sure how they'll differentiate notes though. Oh, and the lyre is used to find something important(????).

E3 2011 DEMO:

OTHER PRE-TGS (E3 2011, GAMESCOM, PAX, COMIC CON) DEMOS (all the same demo, just a variety of footage):

Gamespot Demo:

Gamescom Demo:

Comic Con Demo:

- The first dungeon in the game is the Sky Temple (shown above).

- The forest area showcased at E3 2010 is an actual playable in-game area and appears early on in the game. The Sky Temple is found within this forest area.

- That skull kid looking thing in the GDC trailer WAS a skulltula.

- There is an equipment sub-screen that will have potions and shields which you can equip and use.

- In addition to the "Dash" button that allows Link to run and climb stuff while his energy meter depletes, there's a "Dodge" button when facing off with an enemy in combat. To perform Link's trademark jump strike, you must dodge and swing your sword. - Can be seen in videos above.

- That energy/stamina meter we saw at E3 '10 will deplete when Link runs, pushes blocks, climbs vines, swings from vines, spin attacks (vertically and horizontally) and strenuous exercise. The stamina meter repletes itself over time but can also be repleted instantly if Link eats a refreshing fruit. If completely depleted, Link will be briefly immobilised leaving him vulnerable to attack. A similar looking water meter can be seen in the demos. The water meter is a timer for how long Link can hold his breath and swim underwater. Swimming will be done by pointing in the direction that you want to go and pressing A.

- The Finishing Blow skill from Twilight Princess has returned(!!!). It's triggered by a quick shake of Nunchuk and Wiimote+ at the appropriate moment.

- Link can dash as he crawls, not sure why he would want to crawl quickly, maybe an insight into a new gameplay mechanic not seen.

- Link can climb diagonally again, a la Wind Waker.

- Enemy AI is much improved. For example, Bokoblins will run away from bombs and enemies will attempt to stamp on Link's hands when he's hanging from a ledge (clever bastards).

- 4 pieces of heart make a container, instead of the 5 pieces like in Twilight Princess.

- Link can move in a 1st person perspective, as he does when dowsing with his sword, except that isn't necessary when moving in first person.

- No more, or at least drastically reduced, superfluous treasure chests. No more rupee filled, treasure chest laden, world. More, useful collectibles instead.

- There is some moderate back-tracking (but not in a tedious sense).

- "The whole game is like a dungeon." - Developer quote (whatever that means).



- The NPC's, Skyloft and general character interaction is handled similarly to Majora's Mask! The setting is kind of school-yard, teen drama sort of, with love triangles, rivals, all very Gossip Girl/Stone.

- Link's bird is apparently special and rare, has a connection to the mainland. (Not elaborated on much.)

- Ghirahim is a recurring boss fight, he evolves in gameplay, probably character evolution too.

- Cool/fun items will be available earlier on rather than later in the game.

- Background items will be much more interactive, such as in houses and environmental features. Makes for a much more alive, immersive and fun game world.



- Gorons are in the game.


- Upgradeable weapons/equipment will make a return, including items such as attachable pieces to the Beetle, a "spread shot" for the slingshot among others. All items in the game are said to be upgradeable. Items are upgraded by collecting a variety of collectibles similar to the "spoils" of Wind Waker. These spoils can be found by defeating enemies or throughout the environment such as under logs. Certain items and certain amounts of items are necessary for certain upgrades (i.e. you can't buy a slingshot upgrade with items necessary for a beetle upgrade.) When in need of upgrading, Link can visit a Scrap Shop within a colourful bazaar in Skyloft where his equipment can be serviced. - For more detail, see the video above.

- This Scrap Shop will have a storage facility where Link can store items that won't fit in his inventory. Odd move on the part of the developers, because space has never been an issue before. Maybe Link will have access to such a wealth of items that it would become unwieldy for him to QUICKLY SWITCH TO THEM in the heat of battle, as promised by Miyamoto, and thus, he is limited to something like 8 of them.

- Fi will also be able to assess your item selection and tell you how well suited you are to your environment, adding yet another RPG aspect to the game. Additionally, Fi will assess how well you've dealt with enemies and compare it to how you've done with those enemies previously, giving you a rough idea of your skill progression in the game.

- This also includes a variety of shields and swords that Link can acquire and upgrade throughout the game. - Link has a shield meter that will deplete as he takes hits and when it's down to nothing, the shield breaks. Multiple shields can be seen in the trailers and demos, a wooden one (weakest), iron one (slightly stronger) and Hylian Shield (the shield meter didn't deplete with the Hylian shield). - Alex Plant of Zelda Informer

- Link will "forge" the Master Sword from the Skyward Sword/Goddess Sword throughout the game, similar to how item upgrades will be a main focus in the game. He "inherits" the sword at the beginning of the game. - According to a Nintendo Power article.

- Travel from the sky to the mainland will be done by opening up portals (which are actually holes in the clouds) which Link drops off from his bird into. Beams of light (green for the forest area, red for the volcano area) will guide Link to his location when in flight. Players will be able to place a blue beam of light to guide them to whichever point they want to get to in the sky overworld. If Link overshoots his target, his bird will swoop under him to save him. To land safely, Link has a "sailcloth" that is pulled out last second to soften his fall. - Can be seen in Eldin Volcano clip below.

- Travel back up to Skyloft and surrounding areas will be done when Link arrives at special bird statues on the mainland. (Thanks, Billy Ninja) From the mainland beneath the clouds, Bird Statues will be scattered about which will allow Link to save his progress there (much like Majora's Mask) and return to Skyloft to do whatever he does there. From Skyloft, you can return to any statue you've encountered on the mainland which would serve the purpose of quick warping to areas. These statues act essentially as checkpoints in the underworld (much obliged to TheMinish) as you save your progress on the spot and can return there when necessary. These save statues can even be found in dungeons, right before the boss room as well. - Can be seen in Item Upgrade video above.


- Saving/checkpoint system outlined above.


- New lava'ish race called "Mogmas". They are stocky fellows who burrow around the land and encounter Link by popping their torsos up from the ground. They inhabit the area around Eldin Volcano seen in the video above.



Note: I've taken the chance to count the boxes on the grid and my estimations have it at 30 x 16 (give or take 1 or 2 because they boxes don't cover the map exactly.) This means that the entire sky overworld will be roughly the size of 120 Skylofts.

- The first dungeon in the game is the Sky Temple accessed by entering the forest area. The second dungeon of the game is the Earth Temple (shown above) accessed by entering the Eldin Volcano area.

- There is no compass in the game, the dungeon map will serve that purpose filling in where treasure chests are and the boss room.

- The sky overworld map resembles the map of the Wind Waker but bird flying is much faster than boat sailing was in the Wind Waker.

- The sky overworld will be littered with some obstacles such as enemies and tornadoes.

- When on the mainland, Link will discover rune-encrusted boxes called "Goddess Cubes" that when slashed with a powered up strike from your sword (called the Skyward Strike), will reveal a treasure chest somewhere on a specific island in the sky for him to hunt down later. Similar to Wind Waker where Link finds treasure charts and reveals treasures somewhere in the ocean. Chests will glow on the sky overworld map. - As seen in video above.

(That monkey-sounding fire seal, mudskipper thing is called a "Pyrup".

- Bomb flowers can be picked up to replenish bomb bag.

- Bombs will explode immediately if Link is on fire when he pulls one out.

- Digging mitts will allow link to dig up some buried goods.

- Link's whip can grab onto certain areas of the environment as well as used as an offensive weapon.

- Enemies thrown from heights or rolling away, whatever, will be visible until they hit the ground, i.e. they don't vanish after a certain draw distance.

- Some Bokoblins have horns that they can use to call in reinforcements until the Bokoblin with the horn is "taken care of" *laughs deviously*.


- Lizalfos' armour is quite impenetrable and Link must wait until they taunt him to get a hit in.

- Encounter music will accompany some characters such as jazzy tunes when speaking with Mogmas.

- The main theme of the game, the one that is Zelda's lullaby backwards, is called the "Goddess song" and is important.


- Link can traverse much terrain and utilise many tools in getting around such as balancing on a tightrope, rolling on large boulders, using a zip-line, riding a mine cart and even driving a speedboat.

- Puzzles involving steep terrain will require Link to sprint sparingly and plan out the most efficient route as he evades enemies and obstacles.

- At some point, the forest area near the Sky Temple is flooded.

- You can use your sword to draw on slabs of stone marked by the Hylian Crest. Drawing a heart shape makes a bunch of recover hearts flutter out. Presumably, other symbols will allow other functions.

- DOUBLE CLAWSHOT! For my money, the best item in the series has returned with a cool new design. As far as can be told, works the same way as in Twilight Princess.

- A new item similar to the Gust Jar of the Minish Cap. It sprays what could be water, but this is simply going by the unidentified blue fluid being ejected from it.

- The Skyward Sword has abilities such as shifting Link into a dimension known as the siren/silent realm (disputed): This "Siren/Silent World" is a parallel world like the Twilight Realm. Link is defenseless when in this realm, as he must use the sword to enter it but as it's used to enter (he thrusts it into a floral imprint in the ground), he can't use it as a weapon. He must evade phantom type things called Guardians, very similarly to Phantom Hourglass, but this time with added depth (coz he can run and climb and stuff) and it's in 3D. In this world (which is mostly identical to the actual world but with a blue tinge and small additions) he must collect tears of light, like in Twilight Princess, and fill up a vessel that continues the floral motif. The Guardians can take Link down with just one hit. Link will have access to "safe zones" similar to Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks where he is protected from the Guardians. Therefore, he will be invulnerable from attack from the Guardians, but the timer will still expire. Upon collection of one tear of light, the Guardians will reset to their original positions as will the timer. Once it runs out, the Guardians will take chase again as Link searches for the other tears of light. (Thank you to Hero of Time and Yonatesf). Sentries will also inhabit the siren realm, as seen in the gameplay trailer which will alert Guardians of Link's whereabouts and makes them take chase. - This can all be seen in the TGS gameplay video above.

- The Skyward Sword will also have the ability of dowsing (treasure sensing). In this, Link enters a first person mode and is guided by a pointed reticle which points out buried goods and makes a noise when pointed in the direction you need to go (also seen in the TGS gameplay trailer). The dowsing ability will also be upgradeable, allowing Link to dowse for hearts when in need. One such example of the sword's treasure sensing abilities is when Link encounters the new race known as "Mogmas" and he is tasked with finding pieces of a key. This key apparently opens the entrance to the Fire Dungeon. (Thank you to TheMinish.)

- Bug catching has returned with the return of the butterfly net which Link uses to capture insects. These arthropods can be taken to a potion shop where they will be turned into potions similar to how items can be turned into equipment upgrades in the scrap shop.

- Beedle returns. He presumably does the same thing he always does, shopkeeping.

- There are bird-riding minigames such as target smashing, presumably, for a prize. - Seen in trailer.

- Air combat exists in the form of Link riding his bird and charging at enemies similar to how he smashes targets in the minigame.

- The same creature that can be seen in Link's dream swallowing Zelda as she falls from the sky near the beginning of the game can be seen in this trailer and it is oddly terrestrial in nature. As can be seen by the meter on the left, Link apparently must stop it from getting to or beat it to a doorway at the top of a spiraling canyon. No information is given as to its nature or relation to the Goddess or Zelda.

- Fittingly, to finish this off, Twilight Princess' trademark sword flourish when Link is done dispatching of enemies returns, slightly altered, still epic.


- In an otherwise uneventful, but mesmerising 25th Anniversary montage (above) of previous Zelda games, a new enigmatic and doubtlessly important character is revealed.

Picture courtesy of ZeldaHuman

- As can be deduced from the insignia on this characters clothes, she (though androgynous, I will stand behind "she") is related to or is a member of the Sheikah tribe. She also has a trademark tear under her left eye, further cementing this idea. She can be seen entering a bright light in what looks like a fairy fountain, much to the distress of Link. Other than what we see in this less-than-a-second footage, we have no information about this mysterious new character.

- Nintendo Power confirms that this lady is ninja-like and will be a recurring character that Link will repeatedly encounter on his many travels around Hyrule, very similar to Sheik.


Beyond Birthday asks: What is the name of the dark-skinned blonde woman shown at the end of the most recent trailer?

Hah! Well spotted. Let's just say she's a very important character, and one you might remember from another Zelda game.

Essentially, we can round this character's name down to two choices; Sheik or Impa. Or variations of those two names.


- This leaked introduction shows the beginning prologue for the game, detailing the ancient evil, which apparently erupted from the Earth, and destroyed everything in its path. The Goddess then intervened and sealed the evil away, thus, Ghirahim is trying to resurrect him. In the trailer we can see the many races that inhabited (and probably still inhabit) Hyrule. These are, from right to left, Mogmas, Gorons, Hylians/Skyloftians, Kikwis,Parellas

and the statues seen here: New Race.jpg. It is not confirmed whether these are the ONLY races in the game, as their is quite obviously a Sheikah, and whatever Ghirahim's tribe is, assuming they're not the same thing.



- Epic.


- Neat little character and relationship explanation between Zelda and Link.


- Showcasing Link's fancy new sword mechanics.


- Just a little showing off of the new toys Link gets on his adventure.


- A nice demonstration of the new forest race, Kikwis, and the dowsing ability of the Goddess Sword.


- A good view and feel for the first dungeon of the game.


- The Mogmas who inhabit the Eldin Volcano area, music, and some new footage, nothing spectacular.


- Yet another showing of the Earth temple, nothing new, just different footage.


- Showcasing the new water race, the swimming mechanic, a nice spinning maneuver Link can use to jump over obstacles whilst swimming, and the pretty new environments.

ANCIENT CISTERN (Another Temple):

- A cistern is a natural or artificial store of water, FYI. This video showcases the dungeon, the whip's cool abilities, and some zombie bokoblins. Nice.


- What it says in the title. Very spoilery. Edit: The video has since been removed from youtube (probably by request from Nintendo), the folks over at Zelda Informer have it embedded with a translation (coz it's in German, you see).

- It has been confirmed that Link has to find shards/slates/tablets/tiles in the temples, they are the major plot items for at least the first part of the game. Link then must reconvene at the Goddess statue in Skyloft with the shards. This may be with Zelda and when Ghirahim attacks/enters Skyloft as discussed in this Zelda Informer article http://www.zeldainformer.com/2011/08/skyward-sword-spoilers-hidden-in-plain-sight.html.

- It has also been confirmed that the single Goddess spoken of abundantly throughout the trailers and demos is named "Hylia" (thank you, JuiceJ). Each province has a presiding deity named after their provinces, that is, one named Faron, Eldin, and presumably, Lanayru.

Update: This has now been confirmed. Check out the videos.


- The mysterious new Sheikah character appears to be protecting Zelda, Ghirahim has attacked the city, all is not well.

- Also, the scorpion boss we saw at E3 2010 is back, but in a different place.


- Majestic, and very spoilery. We see the scene where Ghirahim attacks Skyloft, and Zelda, plus some great new shots of the graceful Fi, and the enigmatic Lyre. Great stuff, best trailer so far.


- Given a 98% review score, calling it the best Zelda game ever. (Not biased at all).

- The "Sealed Grounds" where Link first enters the surface world are home to "The Imprisoned" which include the black beast that Link envisions in his dream that snatches Zelda after Ghirahim's tornado.

- Enemies will change as your progress through the game, becoming more formidable e.g. bokoblins that have electrified swords and gold deku babas that take more damage than regular deku babas.

- Using the bug-catching net, you must use delicate motions so as to not scare away the bugs, go figure.

- Side quests for NPCs include odd jobs, fetch quests, and rescue missions like many other Zelda games.

- Mogma Mitss/Digging Gauntlets will take you to grid-like underground passages that will give you access to shortcuts and hidden treasures.


- Upgrades are entirely optional, apparently. You can finish the game without acquiring a single one.

- Tingle, is..........................................NOT in the game.

- Interactions between NPC's will garner Link some "gratitude points" which will tie in to a larger sidequest.

Beyond Birthday asks: What is the name of the dark-skinned blonde woman shown at the end of the most recent trailer?

Hah! Well spotted. Let's just say she's a very important character, and one you might remember from another Zelda game.

This essentially confirms one of two names: Impa or Sheik - or variations of the two.

- The 3 main areas of the mainland, beneath the clouds, DO NOT link up, in that to get to each province, you must return to the sky. Thankfully there are only 3, and not 50, as that would be burdensome.

- Flying, in the sky, on the bird, will be a relatively peaceful affair with little obstacles, apparently.


- As seen in the video, we can place beacons over in the surface as well as in the sky. This really shows how developed the environments are, as most, even 3D Zelda games, are played on generally just one or two planes, making the terrain very flat. Whereas in this game, there are several different levels and planes to explore within the on area, necessitating a beacon as middle distance and far away locales are obscured by the vertical obstacles and higher planes such as trees and cliffs. This is certainly a much richer environment than any other Zelda game has ever offered.

- The rest of the footage just shows some highlights of the Sealed Grounds (with The Imprisoned), Faron Woods, Skyview Temple, The Silent Realm, and Link getting the Goddess Sword.


- Link can catch fire from just being in a really hot place, Fi is a sadist for stopping to speak to him while he is alight.

- Link also will lose his sword in some way, forcing him to sneak around.


- A view of a much more developed Fire area, and some footage of the underground areas Link can access with his digging mitts.


- Nothing in particular to confirm, other than some new environments, new characters, awesome footage, magnificent scenes, and memorable moments.

- New info suggests/confirms that Link will have to power up the Goddess/Skyward sword with sacred flames in the second half of the game to forge it into the Master Sword.

- UPDATE: The part where we see an old lady with a pendulum hairstyle, that area with the tablet that comes out of the ground. Yeah, that's the Temple of Time.

- Link can use the toilet, just saying.


- Great extrapolation and demonstration of what we already know, very comprehensive.


- Pretty much a summary of the story, new locales, and new weapons that will grace us in these coming few weeks. Nothing explicitly new or revelatory.


- The third province, showing off a new mechanic with "Timeshift Stones" that restores the desert to a lush green plain that it formerly was.

- The Gorons live in the desert and the little robotic tribe used to and/or possibly still live in the desert.


- The "technological" and "desert" dungeon is apparently a mining facility. This place was once inhabited by little robot dudes, one of the races in the game. The Sheikah "Time Stones" are used in this dungeon to bring it back into working condition. The Scorpion Boss from the E3 2010 trailer is one of the bosses of this dungeon.

- Heart Container and Story analysis shows that the order of dungeons goes: Skyview Temple, Earth Temple, Lanayru Mining Facility, Ancinet Cistern, Fire Sanctuary and presumably, another dungeon in the Lanayru Desert province. - Thanks, A_LINK_IN_TIME.

More points will be added as info trickles in.
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and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
- "The whole game is like a dungeon." - Developer quote (whatever that means).

This has me interested, I'm thinking that it might be a more like the very dangerous overworld of the original LoZ. Where there were no villages, but a few random hidden safe locations to interact with NPCs. Outside was a large world filled with enemies in every corner and secrets to be discovered everywhere you go.
Nov 20, 2008
I'm really not quite sure what it is. It kinda looks like a whale made in Minecraft or something.


Master Swordsman
Jun 28, 2010
Another interesting thing is that if you look closely you can see that the blue cloth on her side has the Royal Crest on it.

I don't think that's actually the royal crest, it looks like a different design of the royal crest, maybe an earlier version?
Nov 8, 2010
I don't think that's actually the royal crest, it looks like a different design of the royal crest, maybe an earlier version?

Yeah, you could be right about that. We can't see the entire symbol, but if it's not identical, then it will probably get changed to the official crest at some point in the game, I believe.


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Jun 28, 2010
Hey if you watch till the end, it shows link sprinting, and it has like a meter for how long you can sprint, will this replace rolling as a quicker way of getting around?


Master Swordsman
Jun 28, 2010
There's no way that's Jabu-Jabu. He can't fly. He's a normal fish. That's something we've never seen before.

You're absolutely right, it just cant be. But I would hardly classify him as normal, lol.


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Jun 15, 2010
Hey if you watch till the end, it shows link sprinting, and it has like a meter for how long you can sprint, will this replace rolling as a quicker way of getting around?

No, it was stated in last year's E3 that you can roll while sprinting by flicking the Wiimote. It was even demonstrated. :)

There's some footage of rolling, but I'm kinda too lazy to look it up. XD

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