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Breath of the Wild What Items and Weapons from the Current Games Would You Like to See in Zelda Wii U?

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As we all know nintendo tends to implement items and weapons that we have already used in past zelda games. There is a long list for nintendo to choose from, so I'm asking all of you what items and weapons do you want to use in Zelda Wii U that we have used in previous games? I will start off by sharing my list.

1. Bow and Arrow
2. Bombs
3. Lantern
4. Lens of Truth
5. Clawshots
6. Hammer

That's my list, we all know for sure that the Bow and Arrow will be in the game. Bombs have been in every zelda game that I remember playing, so I know that they will more than likely be in the game. Usually there is some type of way to transport fire with you in the games and I chose the lantern because I like it better than deku sticks. From there I just chose randomly, the lens of truth haven't been seen in a game for awhile, so I think its time we used them again. The clawshots have to be in the game, or atleast the longshot. The hammer is just a weapon I'd like to see expanded on to have more uses.

If you'd all like to share your lists please do so.


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Sep 27, 2010
Seeing as the game will be open world, I'd like some fast travel, so something like the ocarina of wind, but that's just a personal preference and not a gameplay thing!
Gameplay-wise though, I'd like to see the dominion rod from TP again. It was a super neat item, but only used for one temple and the occasional heart container... If it were to come back then I'd want it to be used much more often, however, seeing as the game will most likely have an undefined order of completion, I feel item usage will be much more akin to the original LoZ than the recent ones in the sense that you could complete everything with just a sword (pretty much). Anyway, I'm going off topic!
Dominion rod and Ball and Chain please :)

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I want Link to have the AK47 he got in Twilight Princess.

My thought's exactly, I think it's time to modernize Zelda a bit and do something original with the series. Give him a gun, scrap targeting-actually change it to first person view and make it take place in the middle east or Russia. Also give him a dog as his companion. These fantasy games that are pumped out year after year with just minor things tweaked are lacking creativity badly.

On a more serious note:
-Rings. Zelda 1 had these which increased defense. The oracle games had these as well and you could choose from your selection which ring you wore. Bring these back, throw 50 in the over world and you have another worth while collectible.
- An item to cross water- Maybe another set of boots that could work like the hover boots and only give you a limited time before falling in. (Or perhaps just flippers or even a mermaid suit)
-Fire and Ice rods replacing arrows
-Pegasus Boots- Running around the overworld or even running across certain walls.
-Rocs Cape/Feather- Allowing Link to jump at will
-More Magic Spells
-Tingle Tuner- Used to summon everyones favorite character
-Golden Bugs as A collectible
-LOTS of collectibles in this huge open world.
Aug 4, 2014
Golly you lot have a lot of lovely suggestions, well done it's always nice to see us coming up with suggestions haha.
Well I've got some time to share before I have to pay the rent. I want to see the bombs and a return of those lil rascals the bombchu those were cute lil things ya know hehe. I think we need either a crossbow or maybe a bow and arrow, gosh link would look great with bow and arrow.


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Oct 17, 2007
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The fishing rod. I always love fishing in the zelda games and with a huge open world there should be at least one fishing pond. Another item I would like to see again is the sand rod. I like the puzzles involved with moving sand or special enemies that you have to defeat with the sand rod.

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I thought I should atleast clear up why I didn't add the slingshot to my list. While the slingshot was cool when you first get it in the games once you find something like the boomerang or longshot you just stop using the slingshot. I honestly think the slingshot was added into TP and SS solely for nostalgia, its like a traditional think for the 3D games. Since Zelda Wii U is supposed to break from tradition I'd rather them not add the slingshot to the game, that is unless they can somehow find a way to make it interesting again.


Sep 20, 2008
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Rings would be nice to see again. I loved that feature in the Oracle games. The mirror shield I want back, but I want it to have that absorb and reflect ability it had in the Twinrova fight in OoT. I don't know why that function was only used then, because it was really cool and would be neat to use in different areas. The Rod of Seasons. All our overworlds have been the same always, season wise, except in OoS. Let's see what a massive overworld looks like when the time of year changes.


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Feb 9, 2010
Obviously the Bow, Bombs, Hookshot, and probably a Boomerang. Ones that I would love for them to bring back from older games, definitely a Fire Rod or Ice Rod or just straight up Magic Rod. Yes ALBW had them, but I think they'd be awesome in a 3D game. And also, what's be amazing, is my favorite item of all time, the Magnetic Gloves. Although they'd act much like a Hookshot, they could open the doors for very very original, unique, and all around kick-*** puzzles
Aug 7, 2014
I always liked the parts in TP where you get to use the Spinner. It was one of the most fun items to use, except it wasn't versatile enough to be useful outside its dungeon. I hope something akin to the Spinner makes an appearance in some form, and is properly integrated into the world.
Jun 19, 2014
The fishing rod. I always love fishing in the zelda games and with a huge open world there should be at least one fishing pond. Another item I would like to see again is the sand rod. I like the puzzles involved with moving sand or special enemies that you have to defeat with the sand rod.

I'm all about the fishing rod that would be awesome. They should put all sorts of fish in the game too like animal crossing, I use to spend hours just fishing. Ahh I miss the Gamecube, anyway I would also like to see some open world Pegasus Boots and the Boomarang.


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Aug 11, 2011
The Lost Woods
I'd like to get closer to traditions, but implement them into the 3D environment. Some items have never been able to be used to their fullest in 3D, because they are better suited for 2D, but I think that this game is the perfect opportunity to make these items work. I may explain this later in a thread after I sleep through the night.


Green Tunic
Red Tunic
Blue Tunic

Wooden Sword
White Sword
Magical Sword
Master Sword

Wooden Shield
Magical Shield
Mirror Shield

Light Arrows
Fire Arrows
Ice Arrows
Bomb Arrows

Water Bombs
Remote Bombs

Double Hookshot


Empty Bottles


Now to items that aren't used in every game, and that aren't just add ons to other items.

Power Bracelet
Pegasus Boots
Roc's Feather
Lens of Truth
Iron Boots
Fishing Rod
Bug Catching Net
An Instrument
Fire Rod
Ice Rod
Sand Rod
Tornado Rod
Two New Items
And a slot for the trading sequence.

36 items.

We've had like 20-24 in other games, so I think 36 isn't too crazy.

6 across, 6 down.

I would say I'm probably about 8-12 items though. I just like the idea of mixing items from various games across the series.

If we got even a quarter of these items, I would be ecstatic.
Oct 14, 2013
I personally would love the Shovel to make a come back. Digging everywhere for buried treasure or whatever would be so much fun. I had a blast with it in Zelda 3 till you had to trade it in for the whistle thing.

Secondly I'd like the walk on water boots from Zelda 2. Probably won't happen but you could bade a dungeon or something around them.
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May 4, 2014
bow and arrow
double claw shot...I liked swinging around like I was spider man
magic key, maybe make it so that it costs a lot to buy or is really tricky to get, zelda isn't like those other games where you can actually put your rupees to use for something really special most of the time
warp whistle, such a vast world will need a quick way to get where you need to be faster
upgraded magnetic gloves
an upgraded magic wand of some kind, maybe make it so that you can switch between regular wizzrobe beams, fire, ice and sand! that would be so cool to combine them all in one!

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