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What is Your Favorite NonZelda Game?


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Apr 1, 2009
The Mario series in general is one of my favorites, along with Zelda. There's also Kirby, Mega Man, and Castlevania.


When i'm not playing Zelda i play either guitar hero or any Mortal Kombat game


Mar 11, 2011
That is defenitaly Super Mario. I just love that game because it varies with alot of things, and then there are so many funny, awesome and cool characters. I love Mario as almost as much as I love Loz as I grew up with the two game franchises. I also believe that after playing Metroid other M (a game that really impressed me with great story and all, plus that the main heroeine got herself a real personality), I think I'll be lchecking out more Metroid games in the future.
Jan 3, 2009
I'm into Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, some Sonic games, Bomberman, Pokemon, Cave Story, Megaman, Earthbound, Fire Emblem, Minecraft, and a whole lot of other games. But if we're playing precise favorites, Cave Story is my number one favorite game. MineCraft and Pokermon Slver almost threw it off, but I have a lot of sentimental value in Cave Story. Although Pokemon Silver was my number one childhood game, and MineCraft is just plain awesome, Cave Story is the perfect game to me. It draws influence from other retro games in such a manner that it feels like a throwback game, yet still has original content. And the story... I talk way too much about, so I'll just say: it was the first game that made me cry.
When i'm not playing Zelda i play either guitar hero or any Mortal Kombat game

Minus the Mortal Kombat part, I do find myself playing Guitar Hero games quite often when I'm not playing Zelda games. I haven't played Zelda as much as I used to because every time I think about picking up a game and resuming play, I stop myself because I'm still blaming the franchise for my insanity. But, Guitar Hero is not my favorite game, I don't think.

By far, I think I enjoy the Rune Factory games the most. I like Harvest Moon-styled games a lot--and this series is a spin-off of the series by the same company. It still is very similar, but it's more RPG-ish. Being somewhat fantasy, it also reminds me of the Legend of Zelda without the "high" I get off of it--well, him... :sweat: Trust me, that's a good thing. Well, sometimes...
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Sep 27, 2010
The game I probably play most, other than Zelda, is monster hunter tri. I got at least 70 hours, I'm hunter rank 36 (want to get to HR51 minimum) and still need to finish the offline mode! Thats gonna be another 70-odd hours! But I'm also playing SSFIV:3DE becase its my only 3DS game and the 3DS ROCKS!


For the Greater Good.
Apr 3, 2011
That place you can never find.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Meatbags.

Yes KotOR!!!!! I need to find a copy of it though -.-

I also enjoy playing Oblivion, Mass effect, FF13(not sure why though guess it is the giant turtle things o_O), Castle Crashers, and Toy Soldiers(XBLA game), Golden Sun, Dr. Mario and last but not leastly FFTA2
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Aug 31, 2009
Fishing pond
my favorite changes often but usually it is either a Metroid game or a mario game. My fav mario game is probably Super Mario Galaxy 1. My fav metroid game is Metroid Prime 1. (Another reasonable mention would be SSB:cool:


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Oct 9, 2009
Ponyville, Equestria ('murica irl)
My favorite Non-Zelda game would have to be Kingdom Hearts I. Ah, the memories... :) ...Another GREAT game would have to be Gitaroo Man. Hopefully some of you have heard of it. I'm talking about the original. It's a diamond in the rhythm gaming rough. It's import only, though... I actually got to play it on an actual copy! ;)

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