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  • Seriously? I thought she was pretty useful. Especially if I needed items from the enemy. I really liked the story too. The modern Final Fantasy's are good, but the older ones like X are what brought the true magic. I hope they release a HD version of this game soon for the PSN because I'd really like to play it again. And this time finish it lol! Are you going to play X-2 after finishing the original?
    Ooo congratulations. Bahamut is a pain in the butt to defeat. Hmm, I think I might have to Youtube Defender X. For some reason, I can't remember this guy and I progressed way beyond that point. Did you beat him yet? Uh, Rikku stays with you the entire game lol! What do you think of the story so far?
    Eeek! Sorry for replying so late. :(
    Yay! Another fan!! X3 Wait. Defender X? What's that? How many Aeons do you have?
    Aw! :( I'm sorry. Were you able to get it back? Ha! I know right? XD I'm still trying to 100% XIII-2. How far did you get?
    Hey Kaepora!!! What's up?!!!
    Sweet!! I hope you enjoy the game :). Its challenging in some parts, but its really good. Just don't rush through it though like I did lol! Enjoy the experience. I don't think you'll forget about this game. It might have a horrible battle system, but a story with characters so awesome (like myself. LOL!) is hard to forget. Let me know how it goes!
    XII huh? I haven't played that yet either.... they should just release all of the final fantasy games to the psn lol. But, how do you like it so far? XIII, I mean. And yeah, I think if I had the chance to play IV; I'd probably purchase the PSP instead. I wouldn't get that "epic enjoyment" if I were to play it on the DS. Not that the hardware is bad or anything.. Have you played any of the Dissidia games?
    I liked FFX! I hated the battle system, but the story was so good! Its too bad I didn't finish that one either because I had to give the game back to a friend. Luckily though, I made it far enough just to watch the ending on Youtube lol! But, its definitely one of my favorites =). Nope didn't know that. Unfortunately I haven't played IV yet. I'm hoping the company that makes these games will add them to the PlayStation Network like they did for VII and soon for X in HD. Have you played any of the recent Final Fantasy games?
    Hi Kaepora!

    Your right! She was the main protagonist along with Rikku and Paine in X-2.... which I haven't completed yet, so.... yeah lol. Your one of the few who caught my name though. Are you a Final Fantasy fan too, by any chance? :3
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