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A Link to the Past What is Your Favorite Medalion?

What medalion is your favorite in ALttp?

  • Bombos Medalion

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  • Ether Medalion

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  • Quake Medalion

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Aug 10, 2010
In the Temple of Seasons
In ALttP there are three medalions you get, the bombos medalion which sets all the enemies on the screen on fire and kills them, the ether medalion which freezes all the enemies on the screen, and the quake medalion which kills all enemies near you and opens turtle rock. So out of the three which one is your favorite? My favorite is the ether medalion because when you freeze the enemies you can hit them with the hammer to get magic or hearts.


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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
Bombos for sure. It was the only optional medallion, but in return, was the best medallion (for me). It is just so epic to see all the enemies on the screen die.


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Aug 23, 2010
Pennsylvania, USA
I'd say both Bombos and Quake medallions are great. The Bombos is just fiery awesomness. The Quake gives a cool looking shockwave stunning the enemies. The Alttp spells were some of the best of Zelda titles. I choose the Bombos as my favorite.


Jan 31, 2010
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I found myself using the Bombos Medallion far more often than the other two. It just seemed more useful.

I sometimes used the Ether Medallion as well, when I needed to make a quick getaway and was low on health. It would be my second favorite, because it was very useful under certain circumstances.

The Quake Medallion was just something I had no use for. It just didn't seem quite as good as either of the other two.


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Jun 17, 2010
I haven't gotten Quake yet, but I can say that Bombos saved my hide quite a few times in Skull Woods, lol.


Bombos all the way.

watching the enemies get struck, then slowly burn to death at the same time, was pretty fun.

I'll admit the ether with the magic hammer was probably more conducive to victory in the end, but i'm a wasteful destroyer, so bombos it is.
Apr 10, 2010
The three medallions were my least used items in the game. I'm still not sure which one does what, but I'll choose Bombos because it had the nicest animation


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Mar 9, 2010
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Bombos all the way! It was so useful in Ganon's Tower, especially on the floor with all the iced rooms with beamos statues on conveyer belts. It's almost cheating if you have the 1/2 magic spell.
Nov 29, 2010
I love both quake and bombos medallions.
I just love how the quake medallion shkaes the ground like when you use it to open turtle rock.
And the bombos and how classy it looks when it sets enemies on fire.
Ether is handy for helping you see bricks which are invisible,there is a bit in ganon's tower you use it for.

Ill go for Quake as my favourite.
Okay, so... They each are for an individual element, obviously.
• Bombos - Fire
• Ether - Wind
• Quake - Earth

But, they have their different uses... I actually use Ether the most when I am just playing around because of boredom. I find it amusing to freeze my foes with it--even though I have an Ice Rod which can do that, too... But the best part is picking frozen enemies up and throwing them... and then you can even throw them at other enemies--and cuccos, if I feel like risking that and am in a spot with them nearby such as Kakariko Village. Ether, though, can actually be useful in caves/rooms with invisible tiles, so that you know where they are--but I would usually use the Cane of Somaria for that and just push the brick until it falls.

I think the only reason I like Quake is because I find it epic how Link will jump up and land with his sword planted into the ground, and then that causes the ground to tremor. I like earthly spells a lot, but... eh, earthquakes. It is exciting at first, I guess, but I don't really use the spells that much in my primary file since I've already beaten the game (my first file is a keeper--I won't erase it!). So, if I'm not using it when I'm just messing around, it just sits in Links pockets looking pretty and no earthquakes.

Bombos is awesome because its element is FIRE. Fire is awesome. I mean, really... Fire balls orbit Link, then break out into fiery explosions, if I remember this spell correctly. Again, I don't use it as much as Ether when I'm playing around, but I do think I may have used it in Turtle for something... :/ Oh, but this spell is amusing because the enemies that are in the same room as me when I use it, they momentarily freeze motion, catch on fire, then vanish. It's even more amusing if I use it after I already have frozen them with Ether or the Ice Rod.

So, Bombos and Quake are neat--don't get me wrong. But, they're a little too... torturous for the poor dumb enemies that live in A Link to the Past. Their AI cannot comprehend what is going on. If I'm just playing around, I'm kind of just killing things for fun... because... well, boredom. At least if I use Ether, they just freeze and then don't have to hurt their brains trying to figure stuff out while I do anything else mean to them. :P So... Ether.
Feb 1, 2011
The Bombos Medallion is the coolest and most devastating medallion which makes it my favorite.

The Quake Medallion wasn't bad, but the Bombos was better.

As for the Ether Medallion, I only used it to find the hidden path which makes this medallion quite boring for me.

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