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  • I think I used a certain function ON Mixpod to find the hex colors. I don't remember too well. The Mixpod stuff got a little confusing. There was something for coloring the themes ON Mixpod (but it wouldn't affect it on ZD), and it actually gave the hex color code so I just copied that to ZD. Was nice because it let me see what it looked like.
    MM's water freaked me out more because it was connected to the ocean, was in the murk of Great Bay, and had those sea snakes. :(

    I don't play Pokemon at this time, no. That's not to say I'm not still interested, just something I'm not into at this time. Ah, well Mases really only accepts staff 18 or over. The only people younger he ever brings on are really mature people, usually with a lot of expertise.
    Twilight Princess' dark water segments didn't bother me as much though. I guess it's because the water was clear even if it was underground, and was never really connected to the ocean or a massive body of water. I dunno.. (Sorry for the late response.)
    Which Mario games are you talking about? And yeah, Nintendo's new lineup looks pretty awesome.

    You mean the big eel things in the Great Bay? Those were pretty scary, they creeped me out pretty bad actually. Mainly because I actually have a fear of sorts of murky or dark water, including stuff being in it like those things.

    As for MM in general, it's actually my favorite game. I felt it took the best of OoT and improved it in just about every way. I think MM is one of the most polished games in the series, whereas OoT was good and balanced in terms of design, but it wasn't especially impressive in some areas and parts felt lacking or incomplete to me.
    Hahaha, epic. I've never really played any old consoles pre-Nintendo sadly... or maybe that's a good thing. :xd:

    Nah, I'm sure some of those old games are good too.
    Ah, cool. Well the NES is an awesome system if you're into the retro stuff. (I still haven't beaten Blaster Master. >.<)
    Oh. That's kinda cool. What games do you have for it? I have an old NES too, but I don't have too many games for it sadly. :(
    Haha, thanks. ^^

    The experience thing is being tested out, and it's more based on keeping track of posting stats and such.
    I meant stuff like Rare zeldas not stuff any one could look up like stuff like how many zeldas are there who is the hardest boss in zelda games what is the hardest zelda game out there stuff like that.
    Same. Too bad it got moved to next Sunday but aw well. Oh? Cool. Regardless of how good they are, I intend to collect the CD-I games at some point. Why the hell not, right?
    thx 4 adding me . i hope u n i will be da bst friends
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