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What Do You NOT Want in SS?

Jul 28, 2011
very good post. as for ghirahim, he seems very sinister and menacing as opposed to the fierce and insane zant. as long as he throws no temper tantrums, and keeps stayin' cool, he may be a great villian. he truly is unique, as he has quite the arrogance and brings in the drama. can't wait to fight this guy.


Sage of Wisdom
May 28, 2011
I don't understand why people say Skyward Sword has mostly cel-shaded visuals- the majority of the game uses realistic shading. The only cel-shaded objects are people's clothes.


hero of...uh... somthing.
Mar 13, 2011
1. ruppees are useful
2. it must not be easy
3. you use a varieaty of items in each dungeon but in differnt ways each time
4. charecter development in ghirahim and zelda
5. zelda isnt helpless
6. NO pointless trading quests. we want proper side quests which are intresting
7. i really want a village within a dungeon
8. no tingle cameo. if hes goning to be in the game have him in it properly.
9. if tingle is in the game, he shouldnt be moneygrabbing. he should be a proper merchant
Jul 11, 2011
Unicorn Fountain
no ROLLGOAL or anything like it or i will die and if it is in ss make it for somthing useless like the frog lure. And that ghirham is not just a pawn like zant. sure he does not need to be the final boss and i doubt he is but dont just through in the king of his tribe randomly put some detail in to him. Another thing i dont want is an easy final boss fight
Oct 21, 2010
I'm sorta tired of the sassy helper. I want a new personality, and as from what I've seen in one of the trailers, the helper in the game seems to be more of a computer, which for some reason, I'm happy with. Its new, I don't think they've done it yet, so I'm okay with it.
Oct 6, 2009
I dont want oocoo or whatever its name is from tp to return. it was freaky also i dont want it to be really short.


I dont want it to be super easy. Im thinking more along the lines of like wind waker difficulty or something like that :)


I can't really think of anything as long as it is not too linear and not too repetetive.
Jun 13, 2011
To an extent, I think it would be cool if you could do CERTAIN dungeons out of the order set by the game, like in OoT's Temples. Another thing is that it needs to be difficult, but not frustrating to beginners (we all want more Zelda fans, right?). Lastly, they need to make rupees useful, whether that means reducing the number of rupees in the overworld, or just making things more expensive.


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Jun 22, 2011
On An Adventure
I really don't want useless items, as previously stated. (Like the boomerang in OoT, you barely used it) I'm really sick of those times when you're towards the end of the game and you get a new item while in a dungeon/temple, then whaddya know! You're done with it because you're only gonna use the Master Sword to defeat the final boss! Also, it would be nice for them to keep the people and races relative to the timeline. Like with WW, you had the Koroks and the (awesome) Rito. Notice how there weren't Zora or Kokiri, yet when they showed Makar and Medli as sages, you met Laruto(Zora) and Fado(Kokiri). But unless I missed an Island, I don't believe there were descendents of the Gorons. Yet the Goron were mentioned in ST and PH, which doesn't really make sense since both are often said to be successors to WW. But that's past the point. My point is, I don't really want to see a brand new race and no Zora if it takes place before or after OoT. Another thing is puzzles. Again, the puzzles in the Zelda series have usually been outstanding, like in OoT and ST. But WW's were really, really easy. The part where you're in Hyrule and the King says to make the shape of the sacred herald or something like that was ridiculous. The shape was not only famous throughout the Zelda series, but it also was drawn on the floor, waiting for you to push pieces on it! Now while the mirrors in the Earth Temple were a good touch and a great puzzle, they were also a little too easy. It was push, pull, watch bricks and statues explode in light. No thanks. Also now, I'd really, really love it if the tools and weapons were at least a little easier to use. Like more user-friendly. The mirror shield in WW was difficult to use because the mirrors projected light funny, so it was only on the edges. That's what I feel. Thanks for reading! :D


Ice Hunter
Jun 26, 2011
Snowhead Temple
There were Gorons in WW,but only three and they were traveling merchants.
I don't want easy dungeons and the things every second person already said.But I also don't want a message that I found a blue/yellow/red rupee like in TP.Therefore annoying and unnecessary things.
pick up find rupees i want to play with the text going on saying you got a rupee like getting jinjo in banjo kazooie!like the item menu!

i do not want the findimg rupee in chest thing with text wastling my time you should be able to move with the rupeee text going on


Apr 22, 2011
I really wouldn't want the game to rely on the motionplus too much, for some people it can get tricky and weird..
And don't say ''Well..It's supposed to be a challenge...''
dude.. a boss that beats the crap out of you and throws you around like a chicken is a challenge..not weird controls..

And the thing that would really piss me off would be if there was no difficuly option..At least they could make it so that on your second run on the game heart pieces and containers were disabled.. :)

However I have no doubt in that this game will be AWESOME..

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