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  • We have a few other German speakers here. Most of them are from the Netherlands, but are fluent in German and Dutch. I only know of one other actual German here. He is actually also from Cologne. His username is Michael Heide.
    Ahhh thanks. I don't actually remember going over that little phrase... I just remember saying things like, "Ich komme aus der USA." I assumed it was, "Wo kommst du aus?"

    My vocabulary is limited, and my sentence structure not so complex. I don't know the cases, except for accusative... and that's pretty simple, just der to den.

    I haven't actually spoken German in a long time. It's easy enough to understand what someone is saying, but at times I have trouble constructing my own sentences, which is in part because of my limited vocabulary.
    True. I feel like making something from Gimp. Which I will, because I have request need to be done. Anyway, anything else you want to talk about?
    Ok. Yes I love Nintendo Games. The drawings of Bulma and Chi-Chi are drawn by me. I'm glad to be your friend and hope we can get along.
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