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What Do You NOT Want in SS?


Apr 22, 2011
Just as the title says..
What gameplay feature, item or storybased content do you NOT want SS to have..?

I myself don't want a few things.. :P

First, I don't want this to turn out like TP were you are chasing this one dude (Zant) the whole game and then you find out he is a puppetof Ganondorf, That really destroyed the game for me.
My point being that I would hate if we chase Girahim around all the time then he turns out to be the puppet of some ghost who he is trying to revive. I know that Ganon will not be in this game but I still dislike the idea of the Last boss being some random dude which we have no clue who he is. :cry:

Second, I don't want the rupees to be useless, Let me explain.
In some of the zelda games I've played you can collect many rupees but they are all worthless since it's faster to just chop some grass and get bombs and arrows instead of running all the way to some town and buying them. I have heard that you will have to repair your shields in this game which i really like, since that will make your rupees a little bit more useful and your not gonna carry around 500 in your pocket all the time.

And at last Third,
I don't want the mini-bosses to be harder than the boss of the dungeon.. -.-
Jul 30, 2010
stock pott in clocktown
i dont want like a million items that we hold. im liking the idea where we upgrade items more and would like to see it used more in future zelda games.and like you said i dont want rupees to be useless.and i want there to be more ways the one to defeat a boss like you can with ghirihim.
Jun 11, 2011
I don't want this game to be easy. Some bosses in TP didn't hit me once. That's just not right.

I don't want items that are useless later on like the spinner or the dom. rod.

Twilight Comet

I really hope your not flying half the game like sailing in windwaker or the train in spirit tracks!
Jul 29, 2010
Cincinnati Ohio
in the story, i dont want them to ignore the universe and the lore they have created with the past zelda games. i want them to connect and answer old mysteries and i dont want them adding things that aren't relevant to the other games. i want ghirahim to be important to the timeline (i want him to be a member of the dark tribe basically) and not just a filler type villan like maladus or bellum.


Sage of Darkness
Jul 24, 2011
Hyrule Castle Town
I don't want them making Zelda some helpless damsel in distress... She doesn't have to fight or anything (even though I think that would be kinda cool) but have her more involved with Link's progression. Similar to how she acted in OoT as Sheik. It's hinted at that Link and Zelda could have some kind of more serious relationship in this game then they did in the past, so I sorta hope they use that in this game and not just have her get kidnapped at the start ans saved at the end.
Nov 22, 2010
Twisted Tea Cafe
I do not want to much romance! for example: kissing, and hugging. Like everyone else I want rupees to be useful. I want lots of hardcore puzzles and hardcore bosses! I want to punch my teeth in for how complicating the game should be, and I want the storyline to catch my interest for a long period of time.


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Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
I dont want another boring go to the marked location and retreive an item like quest. Like tingles search for the triforce chart quest. Find 8 maps, take the maps to be deciphered and then go to 8 different locations to dig up the triforce pieces that were marked on the maps. And I don't want a quest like searching for the owl statues in Twilight princess. These types of quest are not actually hard and give no challenge, they are just needlessly tedious.
Jul 16, 2011
I agree with the three points of the opening post. BUT i don't think that they would arbitrarily make the game bad either. But it's cool to point specific little things that bother us.

I don't want to see non-Zelda fan service, like TP did. Features and themes that don't aim to make a better game, but only to attract certain kind of public. (this game doesn't seem to have any trace of this unauthenticness, thou, and that's one of the secret reasons why lots of fans are hyping this much).


I definetfly dont wnt it to turn out like TP. Even though it was one of my favorates it seems to me to be the most generic. Also, i
want ruppes to have meanings.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I don't want the game to be as easy as TP. The enemies (I mean generic see everytime you explore an area enemies) need to deal a lot of damage. The puzzles need to make you think. And the bosses need to pack a punch and require more than just the sword and the dungeon item. Also, I do NOT want bombs to have to be bought, trekking all the way back to Kakariko just to buy 10 bombs really got on my nerves in TP.
I don't want an over reliance on the sword, and the dungeon items need to be used outside of just the dungeon you find them in, otherwise SS would just be another TP (which it isn't).
Lastly I don't not want the magic bar to appear (I want it to come into the game!). Without a magic bar, it makes Zelda too realistic and we know the series is magical...


I don't want it to be easy like the other Zelda games. A difficulty setting would suit Zelda so much.

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