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Web Browsers

Which web browser do you prefer?

  • Google Chrome

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  • Apple Safari

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  • Internet Explorer

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  • Mozilla Firefox

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  • Opera

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  • Maxthon

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  • Other

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Big Octo

Jul 2, 2011
I've been using Chrome for quite a while, and I'm very comfortable with it. It's great, especially with the correct plug-ins. I'm also comfortable using Firefox. As for other browsers... sorry, but, I just can't.

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
Staff member
ZD Legend
Comm. Coordinator
I use Google Chrome. It's New Tab page and bookmark system are both really convenient. It's a great browser, and I've had very few problems with it. It's definitely better than Internet Explorer, and I've never used Firefox, so I stick with Chrome. I like it a lot.


That 3D Guy
May 25, 2013
Chrome is fast, has a sleek and modern looking design, and can have apps and stuff... Don't know much about other browsers, but I've always had best experiences with Chrome, we go way back <3


The Cassandra
Site Staff
Nov 29, 2008
None of them are perfect. Each one has some glaring flaw in it that makes it annoying to use. I tend to use Chrome most of the time. But sometimes Firefox.

Firefox has a forced prefetching feature. When you load a page, Firefox loads every page that page links to. The idea is that this will make loading a page you go to from that one faster. But it isn't the case because it goes too far and uses too much to do this so it cancels out any potential gain. This feature is not optional. It is forced on you. There is a setting for it in the hidden options tab you can open in Firefox, but it doesn't work. It still does it anyway. This leads to a very high RAM use, and a higher CPU load than other browsers. Firefox runs many of its files directly off the hard drive just so it can use more RAM for prefetching, and that's also a non-optional setting. This leads eventually to the files becoming corrupted and requires reinstalling Firefox.

Chrome has loading problems. Sometimes a page takes a very long time to load for no apparent reason. And tabs crash on it a lot. Worse, its Flash plugin is the most unstable of any browser and regularly crashes, though Firefox's has gotten worse lately too. And one little thing that has always bothered me is that the stop loading button on Chrome doesn't work. It never has. When you actually need to use it, it will never stop the current tab from loading. It'll keep loading anyway. Though maybe 1 time out of 10 it might work. But that's just if you're lucky.

IE... well... it needs no words.

Opera always seemed to just copy everyone else, so it is even more unstable.

Safari is almost as much of a joke as IE. Perhaps worse.

Even with all the issues, Chrome is the best choice. But certainly its problems are a constant annoyance.
Dec 17, 2012
I biased towards Firefox. :P Chrome's okay, but I don't really feel the need to switch over to it. IE's my backup, though it sucks. Safari was kinda obnoxious to use. Opera had tabs before the other browsers added them, so it was cool to use back in the day.

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