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  • Yeah! I haven't been here in a long while! I'm doing great. Got another new job. I work for the same company as Bob now. How about you? Still in Illinois? Btw, did I tell you I have a new cat named Khufu? :D
    Your new avatar is super cute! What's if from? It looks kinda like Rin but I can't be sure. How have you been, btw? It's been ages.
    Wait, wait, do I understand this right? It says Blue Star The bird is the word, right? Am I insane or does it say that on your profile?
    Oh it's just your Nintendo login name? If so, I believe mine is Furie_the_Mighty. Heh... I restarted my Pokemon game. How far are you through it?
    Agreed! By the way, would you like to play together sometime soon? I work banker hours, so I'm free pretty much any night and weekends. Also, sorry I didn't get my WiiU friendcode yet. We were helping my mom in law and were there later than I thought. I was going to play some but I'm going to be heading to bed soon. But I will get it to you, and soon!
    Very nice! I do have a WiiU. I'll get that friend code to you when I get home tonight. Have J add me to her DS, too! So is the Animal Crossing your copy or hers? Either way, I like that it gives the option to let your character move to a new town I think. So whichever needs to get the game will have some items already. =D I reset my town again, again. I think I need to just invest in a second 3DS/game and just have my characters from village to village xD.. (kidding, I really do plan to stick with this one, at least until Animal Crossing WiiU comes out...)
    That would be great! We can create our own group for it!

    Hm, I don't doubt it. D= I'm happy Bob and I both work at banks so we can have the weekends off together. What do you and R do these days? And, I thought I had told you that we moved to an apartment in the nearest "city" (if you can call it a city.) On Rachel lane? I swear you guys sent me a Christmas card... but maybe I'm thinking last year when we still lived in Chicago. Anyway, yeah, we moved twice in one year. We don't want to do that again anytime soon, that's for sure.
    True. Life has been alright. Getting things back on track after moving. We have a real family room now! Would you both like to come up and visit sometime? Our couch is big enough to sleep 2 or three people comfortably. We're still working on getting some rooms together, so if you visit I hope you don't mind that we don't have much quite yet. But hopefully enough to provide a fun weekend. =)

    How has things been on your end? We should really play more Animal Crossing or something together, at least to visit and chat in a virtual world.
    Yay. Something about the little wisps of hair that stick out of the bottom of SS Link's hat is getting me all riled up.
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