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Spoiler Twilight Princess or Wind Waker?

Wind Waker or Twilight Princess

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Apr 29, 2011
I don't
I want to know which one of the two everyone perfers: Wind Waker or Twilight Princess? Personally I like Twilight Princess over Wind Waker. I feel it has better graphics and better gameplay mechanics. Don't get me wrong, Wind Waker is a beatuiful, well-designed game, but I feel Twilight Princess has less flaws in it than Wind Waker. The Great Sea in Wind Waker really turned me off the game as a young child. (I think I was 10) Than again Twilight Princess has a huge overworld, but it has more stuff to do in it. I think the Twilight that blanketed Hyrule was the coolest story line element in all the Zelda games. Twilight Princess's Gannondorf is also my favorite Gannondorf ever. He is litterally a monster on the inside. No human inside at all. Wind Waker's Gannondorf is more, uhh, sensitive. More human. I disliked that about Wind Waker. Anyways, what's your opinion?
Sep 10, 2011
Definitely agree with you. TP seemed not just more realistic in graphics, but in story. It's more reasonable for an older teen/young adult to ride across a field on a horse to save someone, then a small child, sailingacross an unexplored ocean and lifting huge boulders and fighting off huge monsters xD. The thing I love most about WW is it's addition to the Timeline and giving us an idea of what happened to Hyrule after OoT, so I do commend it's story, but TP takes the cake for me


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Now that I think about it, I don't prefer either over the other. They both have their strong points! Where Twilight Princess is stronger in graphics in my opinion, Wind Waker has a better story. The gameplay of both were really well done though I would've recommended that their difficulty be inflated had I a choice in doing so, and the enemy AI needs some help in both games. Minigames in Twilight Princess...they needed to exist, then it would give a definite edge over Wind Waker in my opinion. Both are great games, however.
Sep 12, 2011
United Kingdom
I prefer Twilight Princess. The Wind Waker has better side content, but is hugely let down by the sailing which makes it very slow to navigate what is actually not a very large overworld at all if you take out all the completely empty bits of the sea. As for the main game, Twilight Princess takes it by a large margin. It was more difficult, though neither are that challenging and has much better dungeons, better items (although Wind Waker puts its items to better use), the wolf transformation which added an extra dimension to the game and probably the best characters in any Zelda game. I also prefer TP's artstyle and WW's music, but I don't consider either to be important factors in my judgment of games.
Aug 25, 2011
I enjoy WW more, its a fun lighthearted and inventive step in the franchise.. it really tried to take the series in a newer direction... in comparison TP seems bland and stale... Not that I dislike TP mind you. I also think that the graphics will age better with time... its going to be one of those games that will still look cool in 15-20 years mainly because realism was not their goal.
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Sep 17, 2011
Twilight Princess. Though I personally liked that Ganondorf was more sensitive. It brought more depth and he seemed...wiser than TP's Ganondorf. Which is understandable, of course, because of the split timeline. TP's Ganondorf was also interesting and maybe it could have made TP's storyline even stronger if they'd have explained more about Zant and Ganondorf. I liked how brainwashed and pathetic Zant was thanks to Ganondorf.

Twilight Princess had amazing music (pretty much every Zelda to this point has had amazing music, but TP's soundtrack is my favourite), but I loved the atmosphere in TP and WW equally. I really liked that Link actually had origins (family in WW and home&work in TP).

I dislike WW-bashing, because it was a good game, even with its flaws.


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
Man, where do I start? Twilight Princess to me is probably one of the bests. It's up their along with Ocarina of Time! :D Anyways, I don't think that Twilight Princess is getting the love it deserves. People seem to hate it a lot :? Well, Twilight Princess is the biggest Zelda yet (I mean like, literally, it's soo long, and so vast!). I loved it! It's not like Wind Waker with it's empty waters. Although I agree that Twilight Princess' Hyrule Field is pretty empty when it comes to hidden things like caves, and stuff. It also lacks enemies, too (whoa, contradiction much? :lol:). But Twilight Princess had just everything that Ocarina didn't have, which is amazing considering that Twilight Princess just 1 upped the "greatest game of all time". Of course that's just my opinion. Getting out of Faron and entering Hyrule Field for the first time was an exhilarating feeling. I felt alive, especially to the slow start of the game. The music, as mentioned above, is about the best of the series, only rivaling Wind Waker.

My only gripes about this game was the lack of difficulty (come on, you have to be honest with this one), the lack of sidequests, poor introduction of Ganondorf, and linearity. I know it has quite a lot of flaws for a Zelda game, but the strong points I've mentioned more than makes up for it. Overall, Twilight Princess stands as a great game, and an even more amazing Zelda game. Twilight Princess easily tops The Wind Waker to me.


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Feb 8, 2011
I prefer Twilight Princess because of its intriguing story plot and amazing character development. It's all about the kingdom slowly realizing that something's wrong and coming together--about old friendships being reforged (as with the Gorons and Kakariko Village, the children of Ordon with Link, and most important for me, the Light and Twilight Realms making peace). The unity it portrays throughout the entirety of the game is touching, and it mainly centers around Link and Midna. Just stop and think how they managed to overcome every obstacle Zant set in their way, and how their bond grew from that "I'll help you so long as you do anything I say" attitude. Lack of such deportments are why we can hardly hold a friendship nowadays--because everything is conditional. But TP turns life around for us, and shows us how we can be better in all forms of a person.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
I prefer WW mainly because of the story. I mean, TPs story focused on the kids from Ordon too much, IMO, and that was dumb. Wind Waker's story just seemed, better. Plus I liked the sailing, the dungeons, and even the triforce shard hunting more than TPs Tears of Light, dungeons, and horseback battles. But that's just my opinion.


King of Fire
Sep 16, 2011
United States
Wind Waker is my favorite, although they are both well designed.
Wind Waker's Great Sea was arduous, but I seemed to like it a lot. The cel-shaded graphics took the Link we all know in a different direction as well, I personally liked it myself.

The sole fact that you're sailing over a flooded Hyrule also is an interesting thing for me.
Jul 8, 2011
Somewhere in the known universe
I have to say WW. It is my second favorite Zelda (with MM in first) and I liked the graphics a LOT. It really showed the full capabilities of the GC. The story was one of the best ones in my opinion and the music. It is breathtaking. The sailing can get boring at times but you cannot hide your excitement when you reach your destination. It has had its hate but like the Zelda cycle states, it is soon to become the king of Zelda when SS is released. Even when it becomes the "outdated classic" I will still refer to is as better than TP. The vastness of the Great Sea was amazing. I have a likeness for the items, especially the grappling hook. It is fun item to disturb enemies with.


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
Wind Waker. In ever single aspect.

Graphics: I never really cared for how realistic graphics are. What's more important to me is how well they convey the action of the game, and WW's simpler graphics did a far better job of it than TP's graphics in my opinion. Because of the simple cel-shading, WW was able to focus a lot more on the details in the animations, like how Link's eyes could point towards important environmental elements or how characters were so much more expressive. TP's graphics felt unpolished in comparison, and at times were just a bit too dull for my tastes.

Gameplay: WW's fighting mechanics felt overall so much smoother than TP (I played the Wii version, can't speak for the GC). The WW parries flowed beautifully and the items made for much more comfortable attack combos. The WW Boomerang and Grapple Hook remain two of my favorite items ever because of the way they were used in battle. TP's motion controls were kind of clunky, mostly a lot of flailing around, not really any precision. While I loved being able to point and shoot with the wiimote, there were just too many other unnecessary weapons. Also, in the enemy AI department, WW was far superior. WW's enemies could interact with each other and the environment in ways enemies in no other Zelda game so far could. WW also had epic teamwork mechanisms in the Sage Temples, and WW dungeons just felt more fun to me overall than TP's dungeons did.

Overworld: TP's overworld was huge and beautiful, and WW sailing was dull. I will admit that much. However, I in no way agree with the sentiment that TP's overworld had enough in it to do. I felt that TP's overworld was wasted space; all it really had were a few sparse caverns with nothing but enemies or really simple puzzles. WW on the other hand had half its islands as optional areas for free exploration. Though there was a lot of empty space in the Great Sea, the volume of islands to be explored made WW's overworld feel more substantial than TP's Hyrule Fields.

Difficulty: A moot point. Both were around the same difficulty level to me. However, WW felt less tedious. All it had that was repetitive was Triforce Shards, and only the deciphering/salvaging portion. That took no time at all compared to TP's Tears of Light.

Story/Characterizations: WW was a lot more balanced in this regard, and I felt the main characters had a lot more characterization than did TP's main characters. TP had an excellent character in Midna, and an excellent one in Zant for the most part (I hated him in the second half though), but both Zelda and Ganondorf had very little in the way of personality. They were both sort of there, cliche'd princess with a serious demeanor and cliche'd villain with a greed for power. WW's Tetra was snarky and all around awesome, King Daphnes had such a deep philosophical character to him, and Ganondorf was actually given a real motive beyond just the whole power-hungry thing. As a side note, VM me if you see this sentence having read this whole thing. I want to give you a cookie for reading it all. Anyways, the story themes in WW were so much deeper than those in TP, and WW spaced out its storytelling much better than TP did. TP lost a lot of its storyline during the second half of the game. TP did do better in the side character department though, especially with Colin, but he got so little screen time that it doesn't count for much. Characters like Medli proved so much more likeable.

Side content: Collecting enemy spoils in WW just seemed so much more entertaining than running around looking for poes in the dead of night or tiny golden insects hidden goddess knows where. I've also already talked about how WW had so many optional islands with their own fun things to do; it was so much more open to letting you do whatever you felt like. Both games had their fair share of minigames, and there were many in TP I really really enjoyed (snowboarding for example), but I kept getting turned off by how the vast majority of Castle Town had nothing for you to do, just filler space. This is compared to Windfall Island, which is an absolute hub of activity and everything on the island is there for a reason.

Music: Wind God's Aria and Earth God's Lyric. 'Nuff said. But seriously, I guess I'm a sucker for upbeat string music. I honestly cannot remember much of TP's music at all, save for a few classics like Midna's Desperation and whatnot, but WW had more memorable music to it (Dragon Roost anyone?)

If you can't tell by how much I wrote, WW is very high on my favorites list and I have many many issues with TP. Thus, I am extremely biased on this matter. =/

tl;dr: I love WW with a passion.
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A Link In Time

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Wow, the votes are pretty tight. My personal vote went to Twilight Princess. While its graphics may not stand the test of time, I love how TP as oppose to WW has a huge amount of dungeons as well as the best survival dungeon to date. The Ganondorf battle in Twilight Princess is also the most epic the franchise has ever seen and it just felt so logical having him in the game especially after all of Zant's allusions.
Sep 5, 2011
I loved TP, it had some good items then a TON OF HORRIBLE items.

Its AI was good, and a few enemies were actualy fun to kill (EI darknuts and the realy armored lizards) becaue the enemies attacked and you could attack them in many ways.

I liked the TP over world but I wish there were more enemies and such..... but WW wasnt realy better at all...

WW art style was realy good also.

my vote went to TP.


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Aug 24, 2011
I really can't separate two of my favorite Zelda games. But if I want to get more personal, I would have to go with the 'overly bashed' Twilight Princess.

It is one of my most played games of all time. It is also the longest game I have ever played, my time checking in at a crazy 54 hours. It had fantastic dungeons, pretty decent motion controls on the Wii, a decent story, an immense (if not a bit empty) Hyrule Field and one Amazing final boss.

It's not easy ranking any Zelda game, especially when it's 2 of my favorites in the series. Wind Waker is a fantastic game! You should have added a section to the poll, "I can't separate them!"

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