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  • Yes, that is me. I do not believe there are many people with a strange name like mine.
    Okay. My skype is Jedizoar (Big surprise) So just send me a contact request. And If that doesn't work, try jedi Zora.
    Do You have a skype? If not, get one. The Instant chat will make it so much easier to write this.
    Wait, I have a idea. If we do make a Ace attorney Fanfic, we can use the case maker to put it in playable form.
    Oh, it does? I'l go try it. Google chrome is the browser I use, and the best one, I think.
    Oh, I know that one. I would use it, but I don't have firefox(Which is required) and I can't download it.
    1. How about a ace attorney fanfic? It would be very awesome.
    2. Oh, whats it called?
    3. Yeah, I downloaded it. I wish It could go online.
    4. I got you Edgeworth.
    Yeah, I thought I was Angel starr. I really liked gant, also. And on that note:
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