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Things To Do When You're Sick!

Jan 8, 2009
I don't really get sick very often (unless you count allergies and migraines which I get pretty often) but still, I usually just suck it up and go on, though taking a shower is always refreshing especially if you have a headache or stuffed up nose. :P


The Geekette
Nov 25, 2007
I like to think I have a fairly strong immune system, though I don't. I'm an asthmatic (though I've been fortunate enough never to have a severe asthma attack) which means I often feel sub-par when I encounter a trigger, which tend to be everywhere. I see an immunologist to keep myself from feeling sick often. More infrequently yet, I suffer from migraine spells, which have been so bad since I've been young that it has landed me in the hospital in more than one occasion. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to learn what triggers my migraine attacks. It really all depends on what is causing me to be sick to determine what I'll do.

If I have a migraine, I really cannot do much of anything. They come on almost suddenly and can follow for hours with intense, throbbing pain. I become lightheaded and beg anyone who is willing to get me a hot compress to put over my eyes and reduce the volume in the room. A migraine just makes you want to hide in a quiet, dark cave. With my asthma, I just have to keep an inhaler on hand, else I can become dizzy. The best thing for my allergies is to remove myself from the triggers, such as pollen or latex, but if it is too bad I might have to use my epi-pen. In general, being sick I want to crawl into bed and be left alone.
Annoy telemarketers? Totally. How about sending a virus to someone who sent you a virus on Facebook? Here is how I spend my rare sick days:

1. Invader Zim/ Big Bang Theory/ Glee DVR marathon
2. videogaming
3. Youtube
4. Dissing gopie7's Youtube videos (even though I don't have an account)
5. Taking silly pics with your webcam
6. try desperately to skype someone who is currently at school
7. read a lot of books

Kind of a long list, but this is also how I spend my weekend sometimes.


Horizon Walker
Aug 3, 2009
Haha, strangely enough I’ve got a mild cold now. I also have allergies, which can some exaggerate my symptoms. Fortunately they don’t seem so bad at the moment.

I tough it out if I’ve got things to do which I can’t avoid, but if I can I pretty much try to get as much sleep as possible, to get rid of the cold as fast as possible, unless I'm having trouble sleeping. If I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, then I try to watch TV/movies or read. (Perfect time to watch/read all those things I’ve been meaning to watch/read.)

I tend to eat soup/mac’n’cheese/whatever else seems like it won’t make me feel worse, and I drink lots of cranberry juice, water, or orange juice. I also spend time playing video games/on the computer, but I think that’s not quite as helpful for recovery for me than sleeping, reading a book or watching a movie. (Slightly less perfect time to play all those video games I’ve been meaning to play/internet all those things I’ve been meaning to internet.)


Dec 3, 2009
Ikana Canyon
I don't have much of a strong immune system so I always tend to get sick a lot. Well in a matter in fact I'm sick right now and have missed three days of school so I'm going to put the list of things I did for the past two days.

2. Get caught up on work from school
3. Play video games
4. If you play Pokemon then EV train
5.Surf the web for random stuff
6. Make Graphics
7. Work on Fanfic

So there is the list of things I have done for the past two days that I have been home.

Nye Pendragon

Feb 16, 2010
When I get sick, I do nothing. Absolutely nothing. I normally just stay in my room, covered in blankets, and watch tv for... hours...
I don't sleep, since I'm a major insomniac and don't sleep at night either, unless I happen to be very sick, which doesn't happen often, usually I just get a bad headcold.

I'm a terrible example, aren't I? X'D


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Things I do:

1. Sleep
Sleeping speeds up the healing process. And it eats time away doing nothing.

2. Listen to Music
I don`t need a reason ton not listen to music.

3. Watch Videos
I watch what`s new and try not to hurt myself by reacting to hard.

4. Chat with my friends
People visit me whenever I`m sick, so it`s never a dull moment.

5. Think about certain things.
.....Nothing to say.

6. Eat something
Of course, the basics.
Jan 1, 2011
My parent's dont believe in sickness. They just say to me, "Jamie, you are fine. Get your butt out of bed, get dressed and go to school you lazy child!" Yeah, I bet you didn't see that coming.
But usually when I'm sick, and its the weekend or its break I do numerous of things:
1. Stay on the forums, (Zeldauniverse mostly)
2. Sleep
3. Talk to my friends on the phone
4. Sleep
5. Sleep
6. Go to the mall to watch a movie
and 7. Sleep


Is not Error
Aug 29, 2010
Tower of Hera
I game when I have the energy, but, as a tradition, every time I get sick I watch Stephen King's The Stand. It's a story where the world is killed by a super flu, and only a small population of the human race is immune. The story is actually much more complicated than that and very long, involving a story-long battle between good and evil, excellent and well defined characters, and an appearance by the hand of God. I watch it because watching everyone get sick and die is a little extra disconcerting when I'm sick.

Link x Malon

....wheat bag....?

video games (Zelda, Dragon Quest, GTA, Final Fantasy - though that's very rare, as I'm getting so freakin' tired of it), Netflix, sleep, read, and lots of times, I will get on here to read The Walking Dead comics. or watch the show. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TWD.


I'm the crazy chicken. ;)
Nov 16, 2010
Aboda Village
I read, listen to music, make things (like I sew or paint), daydream, drink really cold water (this always makes me feel better no matter what ails me!), sleep, and play games. ;) I'm almost never sick though. If I do get sick, it's usually a cold.

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