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    are you new to ZD???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    You should also check out some of the user created games they are quite good (Hero of dreams being one of them.)
    Err... sorry for the wait. I'll get those images to you as soon as I possibly can. As I just told someone else, my to do list rises into the clouds.
    Thanks Moldorm, and yes this is a great place, I am even suprised at how good the general discussion section is and the frequency of active posts.

    Wallmasters were always a pain in the *** lol so yes i'll watch out
    Haha Funny we probably do disagree on alot but thats is basically all the fun on a forum, but why are you reading this you get to the forums lol
    You sure are. I did the same thing when I had first joined. :xd:

    So tell me more about this Tower of Hera.
    Oh, I see. Just thought I'd let you know, you're supposed to post the VM on the other person's profile. Like I am right now. This way you'll get a notification in your user panel.
    Anyone know where I can find some gaming art? I'm trying to find an artist that uses gaming as a focus for his/her work. I have a thread in General Gaming but thought I'd leave messages in many places. If you know someone, please leave me a message. Thanks.
    Indeed, it is. No other installment has ever impressed me as much as A Link to the Past did.
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