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Things That Are on Your Mind


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
Come on. You know for a couple of weeks now not to do that. You can't convince me you didn't know. You knew what you were saying before you were told to knock it off.

Anyway with this being said let's drop it. If there is something you can always pm a mod or admin. It's not like we will bite ;)

I wish I could just disappear and stop bothering people.
Luckily I deal with suicidal people online a lot and that's sort of impacted me enough not to try and kill myself.

But ill try to do better and not be so weird.
Dec 17, 2012
I've come to a conclusion that I'm a child in an adult's body. I still act childish despite everyone else around me has matured. Now I know my future's looking bleak.
Same. We must be sisters. Though I'm probably much older than you, and have far less of an excuse to be as childish as I am.

Thoughts on my mind: There's a little circle with your avatar in it by a thread's title when you post in it! How cute!

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