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Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
I think that the Master Sword probably came with a sheath. We just didn't see it before it appeared on Link's back. Perhaps there is a sheath laying around somewhere in the temple, but it's not shown because it would make the area around the Master Sword look cluttered. Either that, or maybe Rauru was holding on to it, and gave it to him while he slept.


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Jul 16, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
I don't think this thread is theory-related enough for it be located in the Theory section, as it does not shed much insight on the origins or details of the game. As such, I am moving it to World of Zelda for now.
Jan 25, 2010
Well then why doesn't Link be all; Dadadaaaaa You got the Master swords sheath?
It's a bit confusing.

Because it would be incredibly anticlimactic '-'

Yet, I would laught so hard if he did :P

I assumed that in OoT Rauru gave it to you around the same time he pierced Link's ears. TP I have no idea.

I think that how he got his earings is more relevant than how he got the shealth. I mean HOW did Rauru pirced his ears and he didn't wake up. More confusing than that, WHY would Rauru pierce his ears ???


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Nov 3, 2009
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Possibly they had trouble with programming, maybe it was laziness. Possibly it was left out because the team creating the game was being rushed because Nintendo made an impossible release date :P

I never noticed this until now, another crazy Zelda thing that will bug me!


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Jun 15, 2010
It's simple. The Master Sword's scabbard is already on the Master Sword when he pulls it out. You just can't see it because it's just like the 2nd quest Hero's Clothes in The Wind Waker. In other words, the scabbard is invisible.



Jun 12, 2010
I think that this is a great question, but I also think that it is pointless and time consuming to find a sheath for the sword. I wouldn't mind if Nintendo just told the sheath to go un**** it's self and have Link just slide the sword in his belt like most people do. I also don't understand why Link puts the God-Damned shield on his back. I've attempted many times in real life to put a shield on my back and it is impossible to do it as quick as Link. Why can't he just hold it in his hand and do whatever to it when he pulls out the bow? And The Master Sword shouldn't go on Link's back because it is incredibly hard to sheath a sword that damn huge on your back. I have a longsword and it is flippin' impossible to sheath it on my back, I have sheath it on my belt!

In other words, Nintendo is forever, children. Don't forget it!

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