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General Art Second Hunger Games Fanfic


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Feb 14, 2010
I wanted to make Chailyn as cold as possible, seeing as Am's previous character died early on. Anyway, still the same day, so no one dies.

Stella Grey
District 12

The cannon sounds, jolting me up from my slouching position. Who could it be? One of the Careers? For some reason, I think it's Maria. Chailyn wouldn't take Maria's move at the edge of the Arena in stride. She'd go after Maria and hunt her down. I begin to run over who is left to kill.

Alec, I want to keep the alliance with him running as long as possible. Hopefully, we won't be the last two remaining. Quiro, he's a cold-blooded reptile, as dangerous as Chailyn but won't do anything to help her in a fight. Chailyn, also cold-blooded, very dangerous in a fight, will probably be very difficult to kill.

Then there's Rio, from my District. I know more about him than the others. I'd seen him at Mare's house, he'd seemed rather shy and quiet, he locked himself up in his room whenever somebody came over. Pandora thought this was because of his dad dying in the Rebellion. Pity she died, she was a good friend. In the Capitol, Rio hadn't bothered covering his skills with the sword up.

I'm not sure if I should go over Maria, seeing as I'm pretty sure she's dead. I look at Alec. "Alec, why did you keep the sword?" I ask. He shrugs. "It seemed......important," he says. I nod. The sword had belonged to the girl from District 11, Ashie. She seemed to have lost her memory, but strangely, I didn't remember seeing that glowing sword in the Cornucopia.

"What do you think happened?" I ask. He looks toward the darkening sky. "I.....don't know," he says, not looking at me. Something behind him catches my eye. "Alec, what's that?" I ask, pointing behind him. He turns, and sees what I am pointing at. A mist. In the swamp? Can mist be in a swamp? Something about the mist makes me feel uneasy.

He motions for me to go. "Back away," he says. "I have a bad feeling about this." I oblige, and Alec draws his sword. "What good will that do?" I ask. "It's mist, you can't kill it with a sword." He looks at me. "I'm not concerned about the mist itself, rather what's in it." What's in it? What does he think, that there's a beast in the.....

It turns out that that's exactly what's in the mist. I scream as the creature jumps out of the bog, nearly snapping Alec's head off. He manages to dodge, and points his sword. "Show yourself!" he yells. Bad idea. The creature shows itself, and nearly bites his head off again. That seems like a bit of dark humor.

I see a ripple in the bog, moving toward us. The creature jumps again, but this time Alec is prepared. He slashes, and the creature falls still. I step closer to examine it. Reptilian eyes, lots of teeth. It's an alligator, or a crocodile. I forget how to tell. I see more ripples coming toward us. "Move!" I yell. "There are more of them!" We begin to run out of the swamp, but our feet stick in the bog.

I scream as one of them bites my leg. Alec slashes it, and it submerges beneath water. We keep on running, not daring to look back. We eventually reach the prairie,. The ripple comes toward us, and seeing that we could not be caught, retreats. The anthem sounds, and Maria is shown. I was right. We set up camp at the prairie, not sure if it is safe to go back in.

Minutes turn into hours, and the mist is still there. Me and Alec switch off on turns guarding, and it never changes. Only in the morning, when a certain two Careers come calling to our camp, do I realize the truth. The Gamemakers have cut off the swamp, drawing us together. The beginning of the end has begun.
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Jul 13, 2011
Rivendell, Middle Earth
Now we really are near the end. I still have my hopes on Rio (Yes, I know you're happy about that MS13. :3). Chailyn is an interesting character, but I don't see her actually winning this. Something tells me that she'll change when she's facing death.

This is getting more interesting, as this closes up. I really am very interested to see who wins this. Great job Myriad!

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Oct 16, 2010
South Carolina
Looks like it's coming to am end now. And MS wants Rio to win. Don't know why I think that.
Yup. That pretty much sums it up. But now my question is, wasn't Rio hiding in that GIANT hole in the ground? So where is he? Is he just going to wait out the fight...? I don't even know any more!!! Anyways, great job, Myriad. I can't wait to read the end. And, just because I'm curious, is this the last installment in your series?


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Feb 14, 2010
No. If you remember, I said it would be a 'Hunger Games Quintet.' There are going to be five fanfics. Even though it's 'the beginning of the end' of this fanfic (the next three days), it is not even halfway through the entire series. I will post the next chapter tomorrow or the day after.

P.S. If you don't know, the hole Rio is hiding in is different than the hole Josie made. :P


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Feb 14, 2010

Day 11

Quiro Irascan
District 2

Chailyn smiles. The mist has not given way. How this is good I don't know. "Why are you smiling?" I ask. She looks at me. "The Gamemakers have cut off the swamp. They're forcing us together." I stare at her. "Isn't that bad?" I ask. She laughs. "Bad? No. We can eliminate them all in one strike." And then what? I think.

But I know. Chailyn'll kill me. She's a cold blooded killer, with no qualms about anything. Her conscience is either extremely small or nonexistent. I think it's the latter. "So, should we find them?" I ask. She nods. "Whoever we find first, those two lovebirds or the little kid." I snicker at her calling Alec and Stella 'lovebirds.' Chailyn had mentioned during her interview that she liked making fun of people.

"It'll be a lot less more trouble thanks to the Gamemakers," I say. She snorts. "Duh. And you were the one who kept on wheezing when Thurmal was 'leading' this party. He never was. I was." I nod. I had known that all along. If we'd followed all Thurmal's instructions, we'd all be dead. "So let's go," I say.

She nods, and runs off. While we're running, I flashback to my encounter with Ilio Vazon, AKA Odyseus Orcon. No matter what I say, matter what I am. The encounter had brought back memories, memories of my childhood. I remember being out on the deck when I saw a man with graying hair and a black coat running through the city.

I had heard Peacekeepers shouting, so I had known this man was wanted. He'd slipped inside Odyseus's house, closing the door. The Peacekeepers had seen him, and followed him. I heard screams inside the house, and then I'd seen Odyseus running out. He kept on looking back behind him, as if afraid the Peacekeepers were after him too.

After this, I saw the man from before running out of the house, followed by gunfire from the Peacekeepers. They came out and surrounded him. He was breathing heavily. Then, the gun was out of the man's sleeve, and killed the Peacekeepers. He then scampered off, in the direction of the exit to District 2. The Capitol's official version of the event was that the man, who they refused to name, had entered his house and shot them all dead.

I knew better than that. So when my father (who was high up in the district) went to meet with the mayor about some issue, I followed. I watched from the window as they talked. I'd seen a file, with the man's picture on it, and part of his name was showing. Sol- Then I had to duck because the mayor turned to look my way. The punishment for breaking curfew was whipping.

Rela had confronted me about it years later. She'd pieced together bits of the story from who knows what, she's like Chailyn in that way, and threatened to tell. This happened to be during the reaping for the 21st Hunger Games. Before she could tell Dad, she was called. Rela was known as violent and as a bully. Nobody cared to take her place.

So imagine my surprise when my brother, who I actually liked, was called up. I had so wanted to take his place, but I had a feeling that Rela might kill me. My secret died with her in the Arena. I remember something else from that night where Odyseus's family was destroyed. The man, who I now call Sol, had told me something.

"Thirteen is not unlucky." The statement had been so random, that I had been shocked. Then he had scampered off. I had always wondered about that, but I'd never figured it out. I am cut off by my thoughts by Chailyn raising her hand. We've reached them. We don't see them, but we can see two tents. Stella appears to be on guard.

Chailyn pulls out her bow, and notches an arrow. She aims at Stella, and then releases. Fast as lightning, she dodges to the right, and the arrow flies into the swamp. "You," she says. Chailyn smiles. "Me." She fires another arrow, which Stella doges, and then pulls out her machete.

She yells for Alec to get up, and he does, and grabs his sword. I pull out my sword. I strike at him. He blocks the stroke, and returns with his own. We go on for maybe a minute, until he somehow manages to disarm me, and positions his sword at my throat. "Stop!" he yells at the dueling pair of Stella and Chailyn.

They stop fighting, seeing that I'm at his mercy. Chailyn sheaths her knife, and smiles. "Surrender," says Alec. "We won't harm you." Chailyn barks out a laugh. "Yeah right. This is the Hunger Games, nimrod. And nimrod you are." Before Alec can do anything, she flicks her knife, and it impales itself an Stella's chest. Alec's face changes, and he's about to kill me when Chailyn flicks her other knife, sending it spinning his sword out of his hands.

She dives for the knife in Stella's chest, and I take my chance to dive out of the way. Alec howls and charges toward Chailyn, with no weapon. I easily step in front of him, sword drawn. He stops, and then backs up, as if expecting me to advance on him. "Kill him then," Chailyn says. I look at Alec. "Leave," I say, and he obliges, picking up his sword, and runs.

Chailyn looks at me strangely. Was that the right thing to do? No matter what I say, matter what I am. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I fall to the ground, seething. Then, an eerie calm comes over me. I have accepted on fact. I was never meant to live. I am going to die.


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Feb 14, 2010
Been a while, hasn't it? Anyways......

Day 12

Alec Night
District 8

I run away from Chailyn and Quiro. I don't know where, I just run. Where is there to go? Not the swamp, at least. Not the Cornucopia. But just away from them. Why did Quiro spare me? He killed many tributes without mercy. Surely he could kill me. But he didn't, I think. He didn't. Why?

Perhaps I'll never know. I run until I reach a muddy part of the prairie. Good a spot as any, considering the only thing I have is my sword (I was forced to leave my camp, right?). I have a strange feeling that this is almost over. There's a feeling of....anticipation...through everything in the Arena.

Duh, I think. There's only four tributes left. Duh, there's a feeling of anticipation. I smack myself in the forehead. I remember my father's words, seemingly jokey. Talking with oneself is the first sign of insanity, he'd said. Peh, lots more kinds of insanity than that, I'd thought. I smack myself in the forehead again.

Why am I rema.....remi.....reminisc.....whichever....over past things in my life? Because it's the only thing I can do. I smack myself in the head yet again. I look around, for the cameras I know are there but I cannot see. The Capitol audience is either amused or confused at my display. Or both.

I flash back to previous encounters where I could have done something different. There was the bloody feast at the Cornucopia, where I could have saved Sully. Then why didn't we just kill Chailyn and Quiro when we had the chance? We had plenty of chances. We're not cold-blooded killers, I think. I stop my smack midswing, and I jerk awkwardly.

I curse, righting myself up. Suddenly, I freeze. I hear the sound of footsteps. I turn around, and I see a figure limping through the stream in the prairie. I draw my sword. The figure is clearer now. Red hair....bangs in face.....scrawny yet powerful.....it's Quiro. He turns his head, and sees me.

I growl. "You...." I say. He raises his hand in a gesture of surrender. "It's fine," he says. "I surrender, and whatnot." I look at him, unbelieving. "Yeah right," I say. "And then you can stab me in the back." He shrugs, and throws a knife and a sword into the stream, washing it away. I lower my sword a bit.

"Why are you here?" I ask. He shrugs. "I know I'm not going to win. I'm going to make it easy for you." He spreads his arms out. I look at him, a bit disturbed. "You want me to kill you?" He nods. I look at him. "If you want to die, why don't you just have Chailyn do it? I'm sure she'll be happy to oblige."

He winces. "Yah, ehh...I would, except that the way she kills people is quite.....messy....I'd just prefer a quick death, no suffering involved." I nod. I wouldn't want Chailyn to kill me either. But I'm not ready to be a killer, I think. I almost slap myself again. Insanity again. "So...why do you want to die? You killed plenty of tributes before now, surely you can kill three more."

He shrugs. "Maybe you and Rio. Probably not Chailyn. I think, no, I know I'd lose against Chailyn in single combat. I don't want to come to a sticky end." He looks at me. "So please, kill me." I continue staring blankly at him. "Why should I trust you?" I ask. Something in his demeanor shifts.

He turns around to face away from me. Then he turns around and grabs me. I yelp, and struggle to break free. He whispers something in my ear. "You shouldn't. Chailyn is using me as bait to lure you out. And.....and they follow me....." I feel his warm breath. I'm really freaked out now. "They follow me...the ones I killed.....they say things....I'm going to hell, aren't I?" He staggers back a bit.

I back up, not sure what to do. Then, something slams into my back, knocking me into the stream. Over me stands Chailyn. She stamps her boot in my face. I try to remain conscious, but it's hard. Chailyn smiles. "Well done, Quiro," she says. He looks at her, sweat beads across his face.

"You have served your purpose, Quiro," she says, pulling out a knife. Quiro falls down. "No," he says. "No....no...no...no....not like this...not by you...anyone but you...." She looks at him with distaste. Then with a howl, he hurtles himself at her, wrestling her to the ground. "NOT BY YOU!" He throttles Chailyn, and then the cannon sounds.

For a second, I think Chailyn's dead, until I see the knife in his chest. He falls over, and Chailyn rises and brushes herself off. She looks over to me. "You're lucky," she says. "I think you've had enough suffering for one day. I'll spare you.....for now...." She laughs, and walks off as I black out.

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